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Don’t Fancy Yours Much

May 5, 2007

I was so miserable this afternoon due to rather depressingly ongoing domestic strife but a little trip over to Urban Woo cheered me up no end. She did a very good piece on tattoo’s and linked to a ‘show us your tattoo section’ on the BBC website. No I’m not going to link to them as I am going to feature the best here and I pay far too much for a licence fee so I refuse to give them any more exposure than they already have.

So first up: why would you want something as ugly as this on your shoulder?


It beggars belief doesn’t it? But wait – there’s a matching one on the other side!


That’s attractive. You wouldn’t want to snuggle into that, fall asleep and wake up suddenly looking at that would you?
But this one had me rolling on the floor with laughter:


That’s quite a fine mess they got themselves into there if you ask me?! I mean – why? But the one that never fails to make me cry with laughter mainly because I know the person that designed and had the tattoo done is this excellent one courtesy of my friend Dan – who as well as insisting on having this self-designed tattoo done also got married in a rusty knight’s suit from a feature film that he bought cheap off ebay. Everytime I think of this I do actually cry with laughter. Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you – Sir Isaac Newton:


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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  1. mimi buzzard permalink

    Bloody hell! They are the worst tats i have EVER seen. They are all pretty ugly but the worst has to be the matching shoulders with scary, fucked up looking apes. GROSS!

  2. Arabella permalink

    Now that’s a wedding I would love to have attended! What did the bride wear?<br/>I hope you get some of your own domestic zero gravity soon. x

  3. Clair permalink

    Sir Isaac is fucking genius. I want to marry that man next. The gorillas look like a pair of old mans’ testicles. I tried to find a pic of the woman who had a pic of all the members of Boyzone on her back done, the day before Ronan Keating left. And I saw a great tats feature in Take A Break, in which a guy had one of his two daughters done. One was going through her ‘seven years old, cuteness going, with gappy teeth and specs’ stage, and that’s how she’s immortalised on her dad’s back. Cheers, Dad.<br/><br/>(And cheers for the link, RoMo).

  4. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Sorry to hear about your domestic, RM. <br/><br/>Were I the one with domestic issues you would, no doubt, have said something reassuring and optimistic to me. I’m not really sure how to be reassuring and optimistic so I’m just going to go with "nice tats".

  5. rockmother permalink

    Mimi Buzz – Yes – aren’t they just? I wonder what gorillatatman looks like in real life? FOr some reason I imagined him to look a little like his tats!<br/><br/>Arabella – the wedding was a fiasco – the bride forgot her dress, they got married in a forest but got the directions wrong so everybody got lost – and it rained which meant the armour went rigid. <br/><br/>Clair – just horrendous isn’t it? my friend called me from holiday by the pool in Benidorm last year and said that she was looking at a man with CHARDONNAY tattooed across his shoulders in big gothic script. Quality! At least it didn’t say LIEBFRAUMILCH.<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Troosers – thanks – I didn’t realise I was the Claire Rayner of the blogwaves! I just speak my mind mainly. Thank you for popping by.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    First tatoo is of Guy the Gorilla (famous ex-london zoo resident) I recognise that look in his eyes.<br/><br/>Those thighs belong to Howesy. I shit you not.<br/><br/>I spent my first ever dole cheque on a tatoo, the artist was the same artist that was commissioned to do the work on the "Skin Deep" promo by The Stranglers. Nice bloke he was, but he did insist on drinking brandy and smoking the odd spliff whilst he was doing mine. Cheeky git – Specially when I needed the ‘medication’ more than him at the time.<br/><br/>Hope the domestic sorts itself out satisfactorily x.

  7. rockmother permalink

    Ister – is that the full Rattus Norwegicus album artwork you had tattooed on your behind? Isn’t the Laurel and Hardy hysterical? Domestic sort of sorted – being grown up is so dull sometimes.

  8. Istvanski permalink

    I wonder if the bloke with the Laurel &amp; Hardy tats animates them by moving his knee-caps?

  9. rockmother permalink

    Ister – yes – I wondered that too. I wonder what he looks like? Bad posture from the looks of it. x

  10. Remarkable Ape permalink

    I had to post you these two I saw the other day when researching a promo. <br/><br/> tatoo.jpg<br/><br/>and the all time classic.<br/><br/><br/>Why why why why why.

  11. rivergirlie permalink

    ouch ouch ouch!

  12. rockmother permalink

    Remarkable Ape – hhmmm…’researching’ were you?! Very funny x<br/><br/>Rivergirlie – yup – ouch!

  13. llewtrah permalink

    What about the circus performer who had a W tattooed on each buttock? When she did somersaults her behind read WOW – MOM – WOW – MOM

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