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Where the hell is Bethleham?

November 29, 2004

Does anyone know where Bethleham is? My son is an angel in the nursery nativity play next week and has been given the following lines to say:

Follow the star to Bethleham. It will take you to baby Jesus.

Is that like Birmingham? They have also got to sing and I quote: “Twinkel twinkel little star”. Christ! What’s going on? Thank goodness (not God) he can’t read yet. Next he’ll be saying “Mum I done a nativity play” Aaaaaggghhh!!!! Call me a puritan but I ‘ate bad spellin’ innit.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, ya take the bypass to Jerusalam for a few, hang a right at the King’s Ams and its… well… somewhere near there, or used to be, Alzheimer’s can be a real pain, if I remember rightly.

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