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raindrops keep falling on my head

January 25, 2005

raindrops birthday
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Well, this was the view at lunchtime out of our back window on officially the most depressing day of the year – my birthday!

I have to admit – the weather was quite depressing. Depressing enough to make me go and get acrylic tips put on the end of my nails. Jesus – what ever for? Must have been the depression that made me do it. What a pullaver – don’t think I’ll do it again. Other than that – my day was quite fun and ended quite nicely by other half presenting me with an exquisitely wrapped ipod of the 40gb variety. Very exciting. I’m now going to waste my whole day when I should be working from home by faffing about with it.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    if u want an ipod, you can go to and do an offer. follow the instructions and they’ll actually send you a freeipod, no joke, there’s reviews all over the internet

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