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for all you punk fans out there

March 31, 2005

Going to meet Jimmy Pursey lead singer of Sham 69 this morning to talk to him about a documentary I am making about the history of Punk Rock. He’s quite a character so far. He said he was painting at the moment – I’m not sure if that means painting and decorating or painting pictures. I hope it’s pictures as that will no doubt be quite interesting. He has a house with his girlfriend but until recently he was living in a hotel in Staines and she was still in the house. He is currently living in his friends house near Ascot. Will update later.

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  1. Paulie permalink

    Pursey update? What is he up to?<br/><br/>I’m thinking about whether to include Sham in an ‘agit pop’ compilation (just something I’m doing in iTunes to give to a few mates).<br/><br/><br/><br/>Does Jimmy still have that engaging angry naivety about him? Or has he grown up? 😦

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