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my first love

April 10, 2005

powerbook detail
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Here is a menu detail from my lovely 11 year old powerbook that I found in my loft yesterday. It powered up with no problem apart from the fact that it has a piece of sellotape holding the battery in place. It only has 12 fonts and 8MB of memory. It cost a fortune in 1994. My how times have changed. I love it. I miss my old Mac Classic which was stolen when my office was burgled – the loss adjuster replaced it with this.

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  1. Ivan permalink

    Ah, the joy of our old loves! I had an early Powerbook with a ball rather than a finger-pad thing. <br/>Better than that, my first ever Mac was an SE30 in Goldsmiths’ Computer Centre in 1988. It was the only Mac they had, but linked to a Laserprinter it changed my life. 10" b/w screen and all. I think it had 1 meg of ram, if that. Later I worked at the computer centre and upgraded it to 4Mb and a 40Mb hard drive and also added an ethernet card to it. <br/>Later even than that when I was a proper employee I found it lurking in a cupboard, abandoned and unloved. I stole it. I still have it and will take a picture of it on monday and post it. I lent it to my sister who used it for years in France and then returned it. <br/><br/>And they called it puppy love<br/>Oh i guess they’ll never know<br/>how a young heart really feels<br/>and just why i love her so<br/>and they called it puppy love<br/>just because we’re in our teens<br/>tell them all<br/>please tell them it isn’t fair<br/>to take away my only dream<br/>i cry each night<br/>my tears for you<br/>my tears are all in vain<br/>i hope and i pray<br/>that maybe someday<br/>you’ll be back (you’ll be back) in my arms(in my arms)<br/>once again

  2. rockmother permalink

    I too remember although un-fondly my introduction at college to computers. We were given a thick hand-out which was basically code gobbledygook about how to crank up a bbc basic word processor. It took me about half an hour to work out how to get the thing started – all I can remember is a strange bearded tutor who smelled of pipe tobacco telling me to key in xc51*^ prompt etc to get it started. The only other thing I can remember is getting bored watching the dot matrix letters appear so slowly. How happy was I to go to PCL and meet Steve Bowbrick. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know anything about computers and love Mac’s so much. Oh, and I also wouldn’t have such bad liver function but hey ho, the Crown and Sceptre was fun until I think we got banned?!

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