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1982 Kiss tape

June 18, 2005

1980 cu kiss tape
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Here’s another one – this was taped off the radio – UK rapping/human beatbox championships. It was cool.

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  1. Paulie permalink

    Is there a typo there RM? Did you really record this in 1980? Your next post has you as a 16 year old in 1984 – so you’d be 12 in 1980 listening to Manu Dibango. And Tim Westwood and human beatbox champs – sound more mid / late 80s to me?<br/><br/>The covers really are something though, aren’t they? The trouble you took to write up in detail what was on the tape – it really mattered. One of the people that commented on my blog mentioned the efforts that he took to calculate the timings to get the right combination of songs on one side of tape so it didn’t run out. <br/><br/>There’s something utopian about people who compile these tapes.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Aah! Well spotted – oh how I obviously wish I had been 16 in 1984 – no I was in fact 18 in 1984. Sorry. It’s all two years out – Kiss was recorded in 1982.

  3. Wavy Gravy permalink

    Omygod, d’you remember that Dudu Pukwana gig at the Hundred Club? Those were the days eh? Actually I think it was Hugh Masakela with Dudu as support. Best. Dance music. Ever.

  4. rockmother permalink

    Wavy – yes I do! Those were the days….I loved the 100 Club for all it’s dive-like grubbiness and great music. I’ve seen some wonderful performers there over the years – especially Memphis Slim – brilliant in such a small venue.

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