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Project C90

June 20, 2005

mix tape
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Continuing this week’s theme of the audio cassette – this site is for serious audio cassette buffs. Project C90 is a beautifully curated on-line museum dedicated to the C90 cassette. Truly fabulous and worth a look. The picture is one of mine – I need to check what’s on it as it didn’t originally belong to me. My ex-boyfriend left it when we split up – I don’t know who scribbled out the title.

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  1. Paulie permalink

    Morrisey said something along the lines of …<br/><br/>"you can despise someone for something you find in their record collection".<br/><br/>The reverse can be true as well. There is a bloke I had good reason to detest (he was an ex of my current partner who had saddled her with a load of debts) who also left a few of his old comp tapes lying around.<br/><br/>His taste was impeccable. I could never quite identify with the missus’s anger at him after finding comps with Yello and Magazine on them….

  2. Jag permalink

    Wow – thanks for the link to Project C90 – I’ve already wasted loads of time browsing the TDK cassette pics – reminiscing, pointing and shrieking (with hand on mouth) at all the different types of TDK tapes I used to own and treasure! End of an era!

  3. rockmother permalink

    Jag – I know – I sat up until around two one morning looking at Project C90. Utterly addictive and strangely compelling. Nostalgia is a powerful thing…

  4. Anonymous permalink

    This was great museum site. Unfotunetrly I saw that it is not working now šŸ˜¦ Do someone know the reason?

  5. haplishe permalink<br/>We're alive and kicking!!<br/><br/>haplishe

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