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Rumbled – big time!

August 1, 2005

I’ve just discovered that this is what my step-son does with my very well looked after and expensive mountian bike when I am at work.

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  1. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Yo RM,<br/><br/>Is this turning into a weekly blog??<br/><br/>Pull yo’ finger out and FIGHT THE POWER!<br/><br/>Peace,<br/><br/><br/>Bob

  2. rockmother permalink

    Listen Swipe – just because you’ve suddenly pulled YOUR finger out and got on a blogroll!! It doesn’t matter when you post it’s the quality that counts. WE OUTTA HERE…..x

  3. Lydia permalink

    Okay, pardon my interuption.. hope you don’t mind a canadian p.o.v. here… I found your blog via Bob’s blog, and so it goes… gasp re your son hijacking your mountain bike. I have no kids, just dogs and cats, but I can tell you if any of them took over my mountain bike I would be APPALLED. <br/><br/>I enjoy what you have to say, rockmother.. keep on blogging.<br/><br/>cheers,<br/>Lydia

  4. Paulie permalink

    Better be careful with your car-keys then…

  5. rockmother permalink

    The little one has already done that aged 2 and a half on holiday a couple of years ago. Managed to grow that extra mm overnight needed to reach the lock and chain on the front door. Ran with the keys around to the car (conveniently parked facing a brick wall). Activated the doors to open. Locked himself in and STARTED the engine. I kid you not. As we ran round to the windows – one parent to each side (how pathetically comical and ineffective we must have looked) pleading with our toddler son to open the door as he defiantly stretched down with his feet to try and press the accelerator. Luckily – Daddy had been the last to drive and the seat was quite far back. Had Mummy been driving I fear that the hire car would have ended up a rather damaged car. Funny though – we were astonished that such a small child could actually have the wherewithall to manage all that but he did. And he loved every minute of it!

  6. Anonymous permalink

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