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my brain (desk)

August 14, 2005

my messy desk
Originally uploaded by rockmother.

This is my desk at work. For me – it’s messy. I don’t really like it like that and I always clear it away into neat piles before I leave. Looking at it, it made me realise how my brain works – lots of things on the go but arranged into their own separate piles. Am off to Prague today to shoot a Skoda commercial. Blog might be even more scarce than of late but will try to update from there. it’s all feeling rather hectic right now. And in reply to Paulie at the fantastic nevertrustahippy blog – please don’t envy me of my job – it’s not glamorous and really eliminates any chance of family or social life most of the time. A constant battle to maintain the status quo. I couldn’t do anything else though – except cook and grow plants. Now if I could do that and get paid for it then that would be a different story!

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  1. Paulie permalink

    Fantastic? *blush*<br/><br/>On your desk, I spy…<br/><br/>+ a Mac (for work!)<br/>+ an iPod<br/><br/>I have neither. Thus the envy. And your desk looks very tidy to me.<br/><br/>I’ve got about 35gb of MP3s on my (home) Mac but one of the things that happens when you become a father is that She Who Was Once a Source of Tenderness and Intimacy becomes She Who Says "you’re not having an iPod until you get me a new kitchen…."<br/><br/>I know what you mean about the family life though. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who’ve never had to work all over Europe who think it’s an enviable jet-set-lifestyle, and those who have done so. <br/><br/>I did for a few years and I know that every city looks the same (airport / taxi / cheap hotel / taxi / airport).

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