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Get Me Out Of Here!

August 27, 2005


Business lounges cater for the most varied range of people. I normally fall into the category that most proper business travellers sneer at. They only sneer at me because they wish they could shamble into the lounge in jeans, lurex socks and fashionable Stan Smith trainers. Instead they are forced into the uniform of suit with un-matching shoes, suit carrier, pda and big cumbersome brief case. Then they have to talk extremely loudly into their mobiles berating someone for not getting them a window seat or talking about finding another sort of ‘window’ for another boring meeting with a textile supplier in Bonn. Meanwhile I recline whilst reading a two day old International Guardian and sip champagne. And take photo’s of them while they are not looking!

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  1. unfurling permalink

    You’re not looking close enough… Some of those business travellers (OK, one, me) are in fact secret sex bloggers exploring their sexuality and baring all to the world.<br/><br/>They may look like the living dead, but inside they sing. Trust me.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Well Unfurling, I’m doing more lounge action on Friday so I’ll look a little harder this time – and possibly take more photos…

  3. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    RM,<br/><br/>That’s renowned rude chef/secret sex blogger Gordon Ramsay, unless I’m much mistooken….?<br/><br/><br/><br/>Still bored? Only a couple hours ’til "Sun, sand and a fortune in your loft" starts up on C4.<br/><br/>Love on ya,<br/><br/>Bob<br/><br/><br/>p.s. needed urgently – Kerry McFadden reality formats. I only have one "Kerry across the Mersey". She has to swim across the Scouse river with concrete blocks tied to her feet and hands. Interesting, but can’t see beyond the pilot at the mo’…<br/><br/>Laders..<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Bob

  4. job opportunitya permalink

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