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A small music poll

September 13, 2005

Does anyone actually like Anthony and The Johnsons?

Answers please.

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  1. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    RM,<br/><br/>Haven’t heard them. The last new band I heard was the Roaring Boys back in 1985 and I didn’t much like them. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes – now, there was a proper group. You could have a proper toe tap to them…and you could hear the words. Couldn’t make head nor tail of ’em, but at least you could hear ’em. And that Matt Monro – I liked him. Used to work on the buses with my uncle George did Matt Monro. The singing busdriver they called him. Wonderful voice – sang like an angel he did. Marvellous range – better than Ol’ blue eyes himself. They don’t make ’em like that any more. I met him once, Matt Monro, when I was a kiddie.<br/><br/><br/>Absolute Bastard he was.<br/><br/>I get the impression, Rockingest of all Mothers, that you are not a fan of this here up and coming pop group combo called Anthony and the wotsits. Why is this so?? Is it the whacky voice? Or the podgy face?<br/><br/><br/>Yours and c<br/><br/>Bobxx

  2. Paulie permalink

    As you know, RM, I don’t normally like profanities. And particularly ones that have misogenistic (sp?) overtones. But A and the Js are a bunch of See-You-Next-Tuesdays. Of the first order. <br/><br/>I hate him and his stupid poxy voice. It is, of course, a judgement based on a solid materialistic reasoning. If you need me to explain it to you, you probably aren’t clever enough to understand it.<br/><br/>Does that answer your question? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any clarifications on this. <br/><br/>;-)

  3. rockmother permalink

    Was just wondering as I really couldn’t work out what all the fuss was about? Personally, I think they are pretty shite – I mean – why listen to music that makes you feel like ending it all – not just because the singing is SO bad but the endless drone of depressed sounding vocals coupled with dirge-like musical drone…. Give me The Walker Brothers any day – at least even if some of it is depressing it is well-orchestrated (in the musical sense that is).

  4. Paulie permalink

    I’m with you on The Walker Brothers.<br/><br/>Changing the subject completely, did you see Mr Pursey on Newsnight? Following in Pete Docherty’s footsteps and being even less impressive.<br/><br/>He was given the opportunity to put he world to rights and he ducked it.

  5. rockmother permalink

    No I didn’t but I saw he made page 9 of The Independent last week – the Politics page no less. I mean, please! More of a shambles than babyshambles I would say…..

  6. Ivan permalink

    Was idly scanning the Observer Travel Skiing supplement (which is strange because I never have). In a little bit about Celebs who Ski, there was J. Rotten – who was listed as a ‘real estate trader living in California’ who is addicted to snowboarding.<br/>All togehter now …<br/>’Riiiiiiight. Now.<br/>I am an antichrist,<br/>I am an anar-chist,<br/>Don’t know what I want<br/>But I know how to get it.’

  7. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    RM,<br/><br/>Robert Swipe Show in ‘Bigger than "A Hazy Day Today"’ shock – <br/><br/>Currently 3,325 hits plays 3,037…<br/><br/><br/>This is what happens when you don’t post for several months at a time…..Come on State Co-ordinator – fingers out!!!<br/><br/><br/>Love on ya,<br/><br/><br/>Bob<br/><br/><br/>p.s. I quite like Anthony’s Bryan Ferry gargles with Billy Holiday tones, meself…..

  8. Spinsterella permalink

    Does anybody actually like Anthony and the Johnsons? Well I certainly don’t.<br/><br/>Worse than Rufus Fucking Wainwright.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Anthony and the Johnsons<br/>Absolutely unique, heart tugging music that is brave, different, honest and so incredibly musical. It makes the hairs on my head stand up and I have reccommended to anyone who has good taste in music

  10. rockmother permalink

    Anonymous – you are entitled to your faceless opinion but sir/madam – you are talking out of where Anthony and his Johnson’s sing! Backside!

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