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not great

October 24, 2005

It is a terrible thing to say but I really do hate my life at the moment. Too much pressure, too many worries and not doing what I really want to do and not in a position to change much at the moment. I’m all at sea as they say hence the picture above. Hopefully I’ll find a way out of it soon. I just wish life wasn’t so stressful!

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  1. Ivan permalink

    Snaperoonie. But hey, don’t let it grind you down.<br/>My life is shit because I haven’t worked for years and the money side of that is haunting me, skewing everything in my life until nothing is any fun – but still I can’t crack the main issue.<br/>I’m starting a new business to climb out of it. I’m fed up with a life that happens within a radius of three miles. I want to fly around the world. I want a townhouse in New York. I want to smoke dope on a beach in India. I want to fly in hot air balloons. I want to talk to exciting interesting people.<br/>I WANT OUT.

  2. Catfunt permalink


  3. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Cheer up oh mother of all that is most Rock….<br/><br/>Why?? <br/><br/><br/>Because……<br/><br/>….Cheslea lost!!!<br/><br/>……..on penalties!!!!!<br/><br/><br/>If that don’t bring a smile to y’all face, you be shamed of dem wicked ting.<br/><br/>Heaps of love on ya,<br/><br/><br/>Bob<br/><br/><br/>Will mail you propers soon, promise.

  4. rockmother permalink

    Thank you all for your kind comments – except tosser from autoloan@spam – bugger off!

  5. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Mind you RM:<br/><br/>"a FREE Instant Auto Loan Quote…."<br/><br/>Not to be sniffed at…<br/><br/><br/>Enjoy Milan (apart from mentalist companion, obviously…)<br/><br/>Bob<br/><br/><br/>p.s. Cheslea lost again – even wider smiles all ’round!

  6. Auto Loan permalink

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