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December 20, 2005

Last week Prague – this week Egypt. Heavy schedule these days and all for the sake of making television commercials. Between Dec and mid Feb 2006 I worked out I will be home 14 days – not very nice when you have a four year old. Horrible in fact. Plus I miss New Year and my milestone birthday in Jan (no I will not be divulging quite what that milestone is).

More tomorrow, My hotel overlooks Cairo Zoo and I can hear lion’s roaring in amongst the traffic noise. Odd combination.

Laters pop pickers……

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  1. Wavy Gravy permalink

    What’s it worth not to divulge the milestone? tee-hee

  2. Waverly Graverly permalink

    Oh, and did you get to see the laser light show at the pyramids? Gwoovy man.

  3. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Cheer up RM!<br/><br/>I ‘aven’t looked back since I turned 30 – and neither will you!! You do realise that they won’t take you in the creche anymore, so you may have to start looking into finding a place in big school…<br/><br/>Never mind, you can still do all the crack you can steal and you’ll probably find that there are, if anything, even more mobile phone carrying kids to bully, torture and extort tyan in the before school class – so don’t be too glum!!<br/><br/>I have name checked you big-stylee on tomorrow’s post – you have to read yesterday’s and today’s first though…Hope you enjoy. <br/><br/>Am about to email you with all the news as I speak….<br/><br/><br/>Merry wotsit,<br/><br/>DooDah..

  4. Catfunt permalink

    Happy Christmas and lots of love, P and Y x x x

  5. Anonymous permalink

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