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January 21, 2006

Well, apologies for appalling blogsilence but my logic board died on my computer whilst working in Argentina recently – in the middle of a presentation of some photo’s at a very important meeting. I stayed calm…. I got a new logic board fitted within 48 hours but since then my hard drive is struggling. Buying a lovely new one tomorrow…it’s about time. In the meantime I’m considering filing a suit against Apple (hhmm…I’m really going to win that one). I really do think I have a good case.
Count one: was originally sold a brand new ibook with known (to them not me) faulty logic board. So I was sold knowingly faulty goods for starters – I think that’s against the law…
Count two: faulty logic board replaced after 9 months and waited a month for new part – wholly unacceptable – only to find out recently that
Count Three: that the second logic board that replaced the first one was also part of a faulty batch hence am now on logic board three within a year. I think I have a good case to make them give me a new computer for nothing don’t you?

Anyway……not much to report – had three days at home with family at Christmas and then went to Argentina to work.

Here’s a good sunset over Buenos Aires


Here’s a cool location we shot at


Here’s an old Ford Falcon – there are alot of these in Buenos Aires


I really loved Buenos Aires – the place, the people – possibly too much beef for me but the beef I had was the best ever. The poverty made me sad – I hate seeing people and especially kids in filthy, dire and desperate states and I saw quite alot of that. I was also really lucky to go to Patagonia briefly – quite possibly the most exquisite and beautiful place I have ever been fortunate enough to visit. I’m going to dig out my old, battered copy of Bruce Chatwin’s great book In Patagonia and re-visit. Soundtrack to my trip: an eclectic mix of Hard-Fi, assorted mainly old school Hip-Hop, The Clash, Stevie Winwood, Motorhead, Sly and The Family Stone, Roland Kirk, Snoop Dogg, Pixies, Janes Addiction and some classic 80’s. Yes – I think the mid-life crisis has finally hit – the big 40 next week! More soon……….

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  1. Catfunt permalink

    Happy Birthday for next week. I found 40 to be OK, it’s 41 that sneaks up on you. People don’t say "Hey you look great for 41" the way they say "Hey you look great for 40" (even if they don’t mean it).<br/><br/>On the Apple front Mark at work just managed to get Apple to swap a broken G4 for a brand new G5 after over 12 months of trying. It’d been rubbish since he first got it and always being sent back. Finally he managed to get an email address for a real person at Apple who sorted it out double quick. Did you buy it from an Apple store – you could try going in there and harassing someone as a starting point? And did I tell you about the time Jonathan Ive sent me some new batteries for my <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>eMate</a>?

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