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Ad Nauseum

June 22, 2006

Yes – it’s real. It’s not a spoof. You can buy it.


But why would you want to smell of play doh? They do other flavours too – New Zealand, Celery (now I really am going to puke) Dust, Fuzzy Navel and Sushi amongst others. Do you think they do Bucket to Be Sick In too? Blearrgh.

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  1. Molly Bloom permalink

    Thankyou for your comment on my blogxxxx<br/><br/>Strangely…I quite like the smell of Playdoh. Is that bad?

  2. First Nations permalink

    i can remember eating the stuff quite a bit. salty.<br/>i’ll stick with patchouli and dopesmo-um, potpourri, as ’twere. um. yeah.

  3. Arabella permalink

    Hah! I used to sniff this stuff when I was a child; wonder if I would still like it?<br/>But fuzzy navel?

  4. rockmother permalink

    Molly B: The original PD smelled delicious but I was really disappointed that the 21st century one doesn’t smell like that anymore. Ohhhh…it’s not fair (stamps foot in childish manner)<br/><br/>FN: Salty eh? Are you sure you were eating Play Doh? Oh I jest I jest – yes – I remember wincing but strangely enjoying it too – eating the Play Doh I mean. <br/><br/>Arabella: Well re: above – I was awfully disappointed to find out it doesn’t have that je ne sais quois anymore but if I come across any ‘vintage’ PD I’ll post it to you!<br/><br/>Fuzzy Navel! Why don’t they have cheesy feet? That’s the one I really wanted!<br/><br/>Thank you all for dropping by – at least I know someone actually reads my drivel apart from Bob Swipe

  5. Istvanski permalink

    Where can I buy this stuff?<br/>It’s about time I bought ‘er indoors a present to keep ‘er sweet.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Er..Istvanski…are you serious? If you are then I think its<br/><br/>Happy sniffing.

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