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July 11, 2006

Patroclus has written a really interesting post about blogging here. It’s about the blogosphere and how it is possibly smaller than we think. How many of you actually press the ‘next blogger’ button? And if you do – has it ever taken you anywhere that led you back to where you started via blogrolls/links? I tried it today and the one I arrived at confirmed why I don’t ‘do’ the next blogger button – I got Sian, Child Of God – born 1986 but re-born 2001. Her blog is here if you are interested. I actually think comments make the blogworld smaller than we think – little circles of bloggers converging, crossing, mixing randomly here and there only to bump into each other every other day. There must be a massive venn diagram or flow chart somewhere of all the blogs and their little pathways through the infinite world of blogland. That reminds me – I must sort my links/blogroll out. Also – does anyone know why my blog looks fine in Firefox but looks shit and un-formatted in Safari? This site is quite interesting if you are into serious geekdom.

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  1. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    "little circles of bloggers converging, crossing, mixing randomly here and there only to bump into each other every other day."<br/><br/>I’m not sure I agree. What do Patroclus, Tim Footman, Molly Bloom, Spinsterella, {minion}, dh, Great She Elephant, Surly Girl etc. think?

  2. rockmother permalink

    Oooh Swipe – I thought that was going to be a shameless Swipester plug "well they all have me in common of course" but no – you are challenging Ro-Mo. Glad to see someone is actually visiting my blog!! Mwah mwah.

  3. First Nations permalink

    back in the distant distance there used to be mail delivery seven times a day. people often only knew each other through letters, which were passed around, carrying on friendships through the mails for years. what is old is new again!

  4. rockmother permalink

    Hi FN: You are so right and wise and true! I used to write letters and postcards to people all the time. I have kept most letters that have ever been sent to me. Now I just hoard e mails. I have to say I miss getting letters. My best friend that died last year sent me letters every month. I really miss those the most.

  5. katty permalink

    I am posting a comment on your blog because I often feel as if I am trapped in ‘little circles of bloggers converging, crossing’ etc. But this might be because I blog in infertility world, and it’s hard somehow to escape. <br/>once someone left a comment on my blog – after i had posted something about a vibrator – and i clicked on his name, and he was very odd, and very into high tech machinery and wrote in a strange US slang.i was very pleased, that for a moment i had a little window onto his world (unintelligble though it was). . <br/>Anyway. it’s the same in blog land as it is in life. i was once working in a foreign country and went mad, as all my colleagues ended up in the same place. i tried my dardnest to reach some kind of escape velocity, but somehow, i’d be pulled back. I’d find a new friend, beg him to take me out… he’d take me to the house of his friend for a party… and there on the couch would be one of my colleagues drinking a beer…

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