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July 14, 2006

Does anyone know why my blog looks ok in Firefox but crap and un-formatted in Safari? Jag? Popeman? Is anyone out there? Thanking you muchly (phrase overheard in Australia last time I was there – wonderfully awful).

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  1. Arabella permalink

    Umm…are firefox and safari the new black for Fall? Sorry, I can’t help.<br/>Hope your sky stops being orange soon.

  2. The Boston Globe (ie bald git) permalink

    What version of Safari are you using? Normally it’s because some proprietary code is being used and yer everyday run-of-the-mill browser doesn’t recognise it. I’ve seen that with stuff written specifically for Internet Exploder – doesn’t show properly in Firesox. But if it works in Firehose (and that’s what I use so I know – coz I’m dead clever like that) I’m surprised that Safari has pwoblems. So check yer versions.<br/><br/>Dead helpful eh!

  3. rockmother permalink

    Er….sounds like I should just forget about it although I hate the fact that someone somewhere might be looking at my blog in an un-formatted version. It’s the anal-retentive in me you know – can’t help it. Perhaps I should really try and stop being such a control-freak.

  4. rockmother permalink

    PS: Thank you Arabella. I think I just have cabin fever – combination of financial worries, small 5 yr old on school holidays and wanting to change my career – all at the same time!

  5. First Nations permalink

    gah, school holidays!<br/>love edvard munch!<br/><br/>’fester suddenly realizes why sandals are a bad choice of footwear in the offleash section of the park.’

  6. First Nations permalink

    woop-looking good on my browser. whatever it is.

  7. katty permalink

    1. How did I find your blog.<br/><br/>Well… I can’t remember, but at some point, when i was trying to reach beyond my own self-referring bubble I must have found… maybe by search engine maybe by the random clicking of literary related blog lists… wyndham the triffids blog. he seems to be at the heart of a whole swirl of other blogs which comprise its own self referential world. somehow from there i ended up with you…<br/> <br/>2. Wrap dressess and old men:<br/>i) I buy clothes in bulk and last month bought my summer wardrobe, five wrap dresses in different colours (all bar one the same design). I’ve been struggling with them a bit….<br/>ii) I would go on about young men were they on offer, but they seem to be a bit elusive. In fact, most men seem a bit elusive. Hence, my predicament. <br/>iii)Not much is happening so I don’t have much to blog about. Sadly.<br/>Thanks for dropping by.

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