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July 22, 2006

Ten Things That Make Me Cry

In no particular order:

1. Seeing babies being born – have witnessed one real one – my god-daughter and seen a few on tv although strangely I didn’t cry at my son’s birth – too off my head on legalised opiate I think

2. Homelessness

3. Cruelty to those unable to defend themselves

4. Jane Eyre (the book)

5. Michael Buerk’s original news broadcast from Africa

6. Several Van Morrison songs

7. Bette Davis in Now Voyager

8. Not being able to call up my dear friend Abbie anymore who I nursed until she died last year. I really really miss her and it gets me every time.

9. Rod Stewart singing ‘Have I Told You Lately’ Live – the faltering crack in his voice

10. With happiness – at weddings and curtain calls at the ballet/theatre etc – had that since I was a child

I cheated once – when the siamese cat Jason died on Blue Peter I made myself cry to get attention from my mother. It didn’t work – she told me not to be so stupid and that it was only a cat. Sounds a bit dysfunctional now I come to mention it….

I’m sure there are lots of other things that make me cry – onions – that sort of thing. Have to go – there is a documentary of Blondie on BBC 1 – can’t miss that or I really will cry!

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  1. Wavy permalink

    Wow, where do I start. I think there will be more comments on this post than any you’ve done before – or there should be.<br/><br/>Brilliant choice of vid – Cry was one of the very few 12" singles I ever bought, still superb too. Feargal Sharkey’s Good Heart was another. And Blue Monday, but that’s another story. <br/><br/>Yeah, losing close friends, nothing prepares you for that.

  2. Jane Eyre…yes. Some Van Morrison…yes. Rod Stewart practised the faltering crack. dh

  3. First Nations permalink

    hell, i’m leaky. i cried once because i had the perfect plate of fried oysters. (but they really were a thing of beauty; utterly perfect, like little oystery clouds.)i’m not joking. pretty much any strong emotion and i’m dripping tears all over the place.<br/>…<br/>a lone female voice singing ‘Amazing Grace’. that does me in every time.

  4. rockmother permalink

    FN – Yeah me too. Ooh Amazing Grace – someone sang that at my afore-mentioned friend’s funeral – tough tough tough. I’ve just remembered I took my god-daughter (then aged 7) to see an animated version of Pocahontas and she was disgusted to discover that I was crying as Pocahontas had died!<br/><br/>DH – oh, did he really practise that falter – and I always thought it was genuine emotion<br/><br/>WAVDAV – I LOVE Blue Monday still. Thanks, I can’t believe it is over a year since Abbie died and I am still upset. Something seems to have set me off lately – I think it could be because it is summer and all the flowers are out – she would have loved it so much.

  5. Rod is a charmer. He’s got the genuine emotion thing down to a fine art. That’s what makes him a pro. Good luck to the bloke I say.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Last time I cried (with tears of sorrow) was when the old man passed away 5 years ago.<br/>I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

  7. katty permalink

    1. This afternoon I wept watching the last six epidsodes of ‘cold feet’ on DVD. <br/>2. loneliness, longing for a child and heartbreak. <br/>3. Any film in which the protaganists, after an hour and a half of ridiculous misunderstandings, end up in each others arms. Happily. Particularly if it includes an airport reconciliation scene.<br/>4. Cruelty to animals. Particulary kittens. <br/><br/>What is worse are the things I don’t cry at. I’ve seen some pretty shocking things, and I didn’t cry. I felt strangely cool and calm. Forensic. <br/> <br/>(PS. Thank you)

  8. Billy permalink

    I cry not just when chopping onions but leeks as well.<br/><br/>If I’m in a "particular" state of mind and I have a few drinks and listen to music, I will cry before too long every time. To almost anything.

  9. Billy permalink

    …and the Little Mermaid of course.

  10. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    "Please Mr. Gower – don’t smack up my bad ear!!"<br/><br/>Gets me every time.<br/><br/>And Robbie Williams. Painful, isn’t he?

  11. Arabella permalink

    9. Judy Garland singing ‘Make Someone Happy’. Gulp.

  12. Arabella permalink

    9. Judy Garland singing ‘Make Someone Happy’. Gulp.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Oh everybody – gulp, gulp and more gulp! Thanks for all your comments.

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