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Just call me Rumsfield!

July 27, 2006

Ie: clumsy and crap at explaining anything and should be barred from speaking or uttering anything again! Further to my previous post – mainly a flippant and not particularly serious remark re: why do Americans call those in authority (including their Dad) Sir? Wavy Davy Gravy or whatever he choses to call himself which changes on a daily basis by the way, was right when he politely pointed out that it is a stereotype perpetuated in part by mainstream tv. I agree – my images of people speaking like that generally are conjured up from films as opposed to real life. Although I was called ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Miss’ quite alot in Memphis when I visited there. When I went to visit my great afore-mentioned friend Wavy Wobbly Gravy (or whatever he calls himself) in Boston last year he called me ‘ashtray’ (a play on my real name – and one I quite like actually). Oh, and once in Bakersfield I got asked for my id and then was asked ‘your not from around here, arr yuuu? Er, no my good man. Good morrow and fair thee well.

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  1. First Nations permalink

    oh hoonas, nobody was offended. I speak for all americans when i say this. calling dad ‘sir’ is a stereotype 1. that i have never heard, so i got a kick out of it, and 2 . one i can live with. I usually get the one where americans are all fat retards who own guns and handle snakes in church. <br/>well, i am, um, zaftig, lets say…and i do own guns, proudly, but the only snakes i handle are out in the yard. in church we sacrifice christian infants and smear ourselves with their blood. <br/><br/>yes! i am demented. it’s the BLOODY HEAT!

  2. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Firsty! Well it’s very very hot here too. Us English are mainly so stupid. Any hint of sun and it’s tops off, can of lager in hand and parade around getting burnt to a crisp and then ask people incessantly ‘am I going brown?’. Me, I’m indoors sensibly sitting with the fan on top whack – no 3! Oh, I’m demented anyway. Big up you Sumies. x

  3. rockmother permalink

    Sorry – that was meant to say Big up to you Sumies. It’s the heat you know.

  4. Istvanski permalink

    I thought that the citizens of the USA automatically call senior men ‘sir’ because of having to watch Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’ as part of the national school curriculum, thereby indoctrinating them at an early age.

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