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August 11, 2006

Yes – it’s finally here. My first proper podcast. It started off on the kitchen table and ended up in bed mainly because it took so bloody long to do despite the fact it’s only 45 mins long. I hope you all like it. I began with the intention of dedicating tracks to all (5) of my readers and then got side-tracked. Those that I neglected will be on the next installment I promise. I’ve been waiting for an ext mic which finally turned up yesterday. Looks like it’s incompatible with my powerbook and then I realised I could have used the built-in mic all along. It’s not as good as an ext mic so do bear with us here at Rockmother Radio. Do drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’ve obviously got delusions of grandeur already – I mean, it’s not like it’s a live radio show or anything but I forgot when I was doing it that it wasn’t. That’s probably why it took so long as I did the thing normal dj’s do like dance around to the tracks and drink copious amounts of alcohol while they were playing instead of just cobbling it all together quickly and going to bed at a decent time. Anyway – here it is. Woof woof as Arnold (Ed Stewpot’s dog) would say.

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  1. Molly Bloom permalink

    Oooh, I’m just downloading it now…can’t wait!

  2. Molly Bloom permalink

    Oooh, I’m nearly half way through…it’s lovely to hear your voice. I love the little stories in between the songs. And cor! Hong Kong Garden! Fantastic. I always fancy people in record shops. It’s a pity they don’t have those massive headphones anymore, the ones that look like enlarged black marshmallows. I love that song. <br/><br/>Great stuff RoMo…I’m enjoying this. I know Billster will like his track too.

  3. Molly Bloom permalink

    I got really excited by the intro too. I had a bit of a dance. ‘We built this city on Rockmother and Roll’

  4. rockmother permalink

    Aww..cheers Mollster. Feeling a bit woozy today – I think I drank too much rose and went to bed too late. Hope you liked it and it wasn’t too boring. An early night beckons – very un-rock’n’roll!

  5. BEAST permalink


  6. rockmother permalink

    Just click on link in this post where it says ‘here’. That will get you to switchpod – scroll down and click on listen where it says The Romo For Real 1. You can then listen to it there and then as a quicktime or in itunes.

  7. Molly Bloom permalink

    Not boring at all. Nice to hear your beautiful voice and learn more about you. I like the story about Davy…or wavy Davy or wavy gravy Davy. I like to think of you in your house sitting talking to him when you were younger. It’s the little bits of history that I like to imagine.

  8. First Nations permalink

    when next i go to my daughters place i will listen to this as my computer is operated by a waterwheel and a wooden crankshaft while hers has all that there modernistical stuff like, you know, ‘sound’. thanks for the dedication tho!<br/>*really, really getting tired of not having sound*

  9. Billy permalink

    Wow, that podcast (obviously) RAWKED!!! (and then some)<br/><br/>Loved my dedication by the way.<br/><br/>More soon, please.

  10. Istvanski permalink

    You couldn’t go wrong when you started with the theme tune to "The Rockford Files". And you even managed to bung in some Damned – the best British band in, er…Britain! And they’re still going strong-ish after all these years, so using one of their tracks is as topical as it gets (any lame excuse to play one of their songs).<br/><br/>World of Twist – sounds like Hawkwind crossed with a Tony Potts produced Monochrome Set album…which is not a bad thing.<br/><br/>A very enjoyable effort and you were spot on when you chose the playlist.<br/><br/>Top stuff, I’ll have to get my mate roped in to try one of these podcasts.

  11. The Man with No Name permalink

    How old is Anne Nightingale anyway? <br/><br/>Great stuff Ash, made me all nostalgic, I remember the Bowie gig (the whole day) so well, he wa SOOOO much better than all the bands that preceded him it was astonishing. I think you should do a pc of greatest song intros – Eye of the Tiger is spine tingling until that jerk starts singing. Do you remember The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet? Or maybe that was contender for worlds best guitar break.<br/><br/>BTW I had a blog once, Blogspot found it so boring they removed it. I guess now you can see why…<br/><br/>In dedication to your desication (hey, cool typo!) I shall only ever drink Rose from now on. Toodles.

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