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I’ve got bugging

September 15, 2006

Yes – it really is me. Or it’s at least what my eyes feel like after two poohcasts in one day. The second one is up for anyone’s ears that want to be pinned back by my random delights! A bit different to the other one. Got to go – failing fast. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. JDA permalink

    just in from work..Yawwwnnnn, you podcasting loonie, just had to listen to it!..Gary Moore! OO-EERR<br/>can’t go wrong, it woke me up!<br/><br/>I am proud to announce that I have all the post (poppy shit) Rod albums "an old raincoat won’t ever let you down" is a ‘clasique’ not to mention "every picture tells a story" the first album I think I ever bought! that takes me back, what a sad old git I am? but never mind.<br/><br/>More Focus!! OOOO-EEEEERRRRR, I was dancing round my front room, just love "Sylvia" (is that what it’s called? I forgot) ‘RoMo’ rools OK

  2. rockmother permalink

    Hurray for dancing round the living room – I did a bit of air guitar to Rockin’ and Rollin’ myself.

  3. Istvanski permalink

    Managed to listen to both the new ones back to back. You’ve played the 2 most popular Focus songs, what next? "Hamburger Concerto"?<br/><br/>Jif and I saw Focus a few years ago at the Astoria (I think) and all the audience were yodelling along with Thjis Van Leer – highly comical it was too.<br/><br/>Another top RoMo production.

  4. rockmother permalink

    Istvanski – wow – yodelling en-masse – sounds hilarious. I’d have loved to have gone to that..<br/><br/>I’m not sure I have any more Focus digitally – only on vinyl. I’ll have to sort that out.

  5. JDA permalink

    RoMo: what I use is just a normal CD burner, copy the vinyl to the CD and then shove it on ya hard drive!

  6. rockmother permalink

    Oh derrrr! I hadn’t even thought of that. How do you hook it all up though? I haven’t got a cd burner but yes I guess that would work. I was thinking of getting a usb turntable and doing it that way but it looks a bit pony. I’ve got a mac and just tend to use everything on that which has an in-bult burner but how I firewire that to an old style (the best) amp I really don’t know.

  7. JDA permalink

    basically your CD burner will have phono ‘in’s and out’s’ all you do is take a set of plugs from your amp (say, aux or any output) shove em in the CD’s input, switch the amp to the appropriate ‘out’ and hey presto. that’s what I did with my pod cast, all the songs were sourced from vinyl, you do have a turntable don’t you?

  8. JDA permalink

    you also could use a sound capturing device which comes with many alternative hook ups for any kind of plug hole! ??50-100 maybe.

  9. rockmother permalink

    Yes I do have a turntable! Blimey – I didn’t know it was that easy – cheers jifdump – back to basics for me. A cd burner beckons….

  10. JDA permalink

    RoMo: further info regarding the CD burner, I use a ‘HHB burniT’ which is a stand alone CD burner/player and is NOT a computer peripheral. Basically you get a CD player with burn capabilities..analog, digital, optical! These also come (if you buy the right one) with ‘SCMS’ defeat at the input (serial copyright management system) and that means that you can copy bought pre-recorded CD’s! ‘first generation’…now I’m don’t get confused with the computer version add-on? prices vary depending on quality, the HHB for eg was ??250, happy shopping.

  11. First Nations permalink

    that picture is flat fucking freekin the crap outta me.<br/>i must go.

  12. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Thanks for the lovely dedication, Moster of all that is Rarkster. A good job I’d forgotten about that song for the Stones special – it was just perfect. What books did you get?<br/><br/>A wonderful selection – really enjoyed it all. The Gary Moore was a surprise hit, too!<br/><br/>Well done everyone!!

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