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Jesus H Godbastard Christ!

October 3, 2006

How long does it take downthetube to upload to my blog – current wait – approx 48 hours. Bo-ring.
(Apologies to any Christian’s out there – what ever happened to Terry Christian by the way – did he go back to Radio Lollipop?).

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  1. Howesy permalink

    Terry Christian has recently re-appeared on TalkSport radio presenting the after footie phone-in show at weekends. Strangely, in this house, the start of the show has become known as "where’s the off switch… quick… it’s HIM… AAaaargh…" etc.

  2. Molly Bloom permalink

    Just imagine how long it would take on a cardboard computer…I’m starting to get fed up now with this one. Boo. Hooo. Hooooooooo. It was supposed to come today…but didn’t. <br/><br/>Poo. Bum.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Howser – agh – Terry Christian – noooooooooo!<br/><br/>Mollster – Poo poo poo poo poo!

  4. chandleralexander6125040580 permalink

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  5. Billy permalink

    I wonder what a backtoschool wardrobe is?

  6. rockmother permalink

    Billy – sounds a bit Britney to me…

  7. JDA permalink

    Hi RoMo, just to say ‘how ya doin’ I like the link field, how did you do that? with the black stuff and all that?

  8. Istvanski permalink

    "Black stuff"?<br/><br/>I never knew that RoMo did Yosser Hughes impersonations.

  9. rockmother permalink

    Jifdump – well thank you very much kind sir – I’ve been trying to get rid of the ‘black stuff’ but can’t work out the code that does that bit – I got it from It took me a while to work out how to do it and when I did I realised I didn’t understand how it all works at first but now I do – need to add to it though – got a big deadline for tomorrow so all the fun things have had to take a back seat.<br/><br/>Istvanski – gissajob (headbutts) ;-)<br/>Ooh – the Captain sent me a message today – did you get one too?

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