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Currently grumpy

October 21, 2006

Normal service will resume very shortly I hope – got flu – ears full of gunge which makes me dizzy, head hurts, feel achy, can’t breath properly – consequently very grumpy and am writing my own sick note. Be back once I’m better.


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  1. Billy permalink

    Whoa, 79 comments.<br/><br/>Hope you’re well soon. There is no illness that cannot be cured by blackcurrent schnapps.<br/><br/>Mmm…

  2. Molly Bloom permalink

    Glad that your comments are working again! Sorry I broke it! I hope you are feeling better now. I wouldn’t go out in the rain matey. Hark at Pod’s mumps story. Ew! Put it away Podster!

  3. realdoc permalink

    Hope you’re feeling better Romo. Well enough for another podcast maybe?<br/>Mumps is horrible and can affect the testes, so pod’s mum was right.

  4. Dave who just got back from Wyoming permalink

    Greg can’t play Mumps, but he does a storming rendition of Cat Scratch Fever!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’> rock mother</a>

  6. tony permalink

    <b>GET WELL SOON</b><br/>regards<br/>tony

  7. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Ill?<br/><br/>My arse!!<br/><br/>It’s all just a cynical ploy to get over 100 comments on a post and to nudge the Ro-Mo Hit Counter past the 20K mark. <br/><br/>Only 14 to go – come on you lot, otherwise she’ll be in bed with a litre bottle of ‘buie and milk and a bumper pack of Terry’s all gold for the rest of the week…

  8. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  9. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  10. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  11. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  12. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  13. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  14. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  15. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    Oh and this is @Tony:<br/><br/>I trust you’ll be forwarding the receipts from the Swipe Enterprises copyright material to the appropriate quarter….<br/><br/><br/>13 to go…

  16. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  17. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  18. Robert A. Swipe permalink


  19. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    …..Five (well, it was getting a bit boring, wasn’t it???)

  20. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    …..and one for luck….

  21. Robert A. Swipe permalink

    BINGO!!<br/><br/><br/>100 Comments!!<br/><br/>Right – up you get!!!!!

  22. rockmother permalink

    Ooh – I’m 101’ist! I’ve been up since Monday but working very hard doing real world work things instead of doing nice things like blogging. Have started a podcast – coming up your alleys shortly my little bloggy dumplingettes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br/><br/>that’s one for each of you!

  23. Molly Bloom permalink

    Part 32<br/><br/>Nancy was starting to flag, her temperature was high and her feet were blistered. Still, she walked on, past the beautiful eyes and the soft mother of music. She climbed up into her bed and popped the starlight into the wincyette pyjama for safe-keeping. A tired lullaby moment.<br/><br/>now go to part 33.

  24. JDA permalink

    c’mon RoMo, get ya finger out!

  25. rockmother permalink

    Molly – thank you<br/><br/>Jifdump – yes – alright! Not that I’m feeling under pressure or anything….I am suffering from podcast-withdrawal – have started but fell asleep whilst podcasting the other night – sorry. Probably won’t be up until at least Sunday due to to work commitments and a friend’s wedding and no doubt a hangover on Sunday. Will do my best – pwomise.

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