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Now Listen Here You Lot!

October 27, 2006

The Romo For Real 9 will be up in the morning. Now I don’t want to hear another peep!

UPDATE: I’ve amended the link – please try again if it wasn’t previously working

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  1. I’m having trouble with the link rm. It’s probably me but can you post a shortcut or something? Thanks.

  2. OK got it. Had a good listen. Very nice. Tell the truth rm there???s no point asking me the difference between a good podcast and a bad one. No point at all. I just don???t know darn it. I enjoy them because I get to hear things I never get to hear otherwise. Nice of you to take the trouble I think. Harry Nilssson died about 10 years ago. Heart failure. His agent took his money.

  3. JDA permalink

    That bloody song! what’s it called- pinball? "fleas in the underpants" "flies in the knickers" the strange thing is I know the song well! how odd it is when you can’t recall something you know-you know? just one misplaced word and it’s screwed! great song though isn’t it!!…..which reminds me. Molly posted a blog in the last week or so and she asked us to recall a song, any song, and what it means to you. There is a song I heard years ago by a Australian chap, I knew the song was called "The Real Thing" but I was buggered if I could EVER remember his smegging name? but, Molly spurred me into action and I found the bloody thing on an oz’ web site and am now awaiting delivery of it! Ooohh yessssss. ‘Russell Morris’ the name is now seared in my memory for all time, and I can’t wait to hear it again.<br/><br/>Great ‘plumcrust’ RoMo! yet another "Tubes song" try and check out "the whole world is smoking" (I think that’s what it’s called)…came from the same album!<br/><br/>anyway, keep up the magical mystery tour!…….jif.

  4. Istvanski permalink

    I’ll have to listen to this at work (Hopefully on Tuesday), RoMo, as my home machine is not too internet friendly at the moment.<br/>Bah!

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