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This is Interesting

November 30, 2006

Hello my little blogees – I found this today. It’s rather fun – an interactive radio station divided up into funny little categories for your radiotelephonical delight.


(I tried to do a screen grab of it as it is rather pretty but it wouldn’t let me).

Podcast half done – coming soon – I promise…………

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  1. JDA permalink

    What a curious thing! like little splashes of blue blood all connected through DNA strands leading to a greater whole…my word.

  2. rockmother permalink

    Yes I know – it’s great isn’t it?

  3. baggiebird permalink

    Well I like that, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Do you think this means they managed the near impossible…to please all of the people all of the time?

  4. realdoc permalink

    Ooo I like that. Lovely graphics

  5. rockmother permalink

    Yeah it’s good isn’t it?

  6. rockmother permalink

    Yeah it’s good isn’t it?

  7. Istvanski permalink

    Fantastic, I ended up starting with ‘metal – energie’ and it gave me Viva Las Vegas by Dead Kennedys! With the Depster quoting Hunter S Thompson!<br/>Wow!

  8. Half a podcast is better than none I always say. Well not always. Just when I can’t think of anything better.

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