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Take Two

December 3, 2006

Good evening and welcome to tag take two as I cocked it up last time. In fact, I have a morbid fear of being tagged and indeed having to tag which probably explains why I didn’t do it correctly as I got into a bit of a flap. But…I hate getting things wrong so……here it is – correctly this time.

1. At 17 I applied to 4 London drama schools – on each audition day I sat at the kitchen table and couldn’t go as I had a very strong feeling I would never be good enough.

2. My youngest brother has two godparents – Ridley Scott and Charlote Rampling

3. I happen to own the giant heart-shaped diamond ring that the Baron’s wife (Choochie-face) wore in the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang film. I have never worn it.

4. The only time I got an A+ for creative writing was when I wrote a review of seeing Liberace at the London Palladium in 1980

5. I smoked skunk weed every day pretty much between the years 1997 – 1999. I also had legendary parties at that time – 3 floors of the house – a different DJ on each floor and a butler sink full of never-ending champagne on ice – although I remember the parties really clearly – I couldn’t tell you which year they were in.

6. I always wanted to play the saxophone and was never allowed

7. I went to college with the founder-members of the Brand New Heavies. In 1984 they asked me to be their keyboardist and I said no because I couldn’t be bothered. My best friend shagged the guy that became and still plays keyboards for them. He did it without bothering to take his socks off. We still laugh about it now.

8. I’ve got a thing where any volume setting on the tv, radio etc must be set to an even number otherwise I feel a tiny bit anxious

9. I love shoes and always have – I currently have c.50 pairs despite the fact I have worn the same pair of violet converse hi-tops for the last few months

10. When on long car journeys across London and ever since I was a child I look out for places I would sleep if I were ever homeless. I don’t know why I do it and have recently been really wondering why. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be a form of insecurity.

11. Spinal Tap is one of my favourite films (note it’s no 11!)

12. I take a stills camera with me everywhere I go

13. I’m a very loyal friend and hate liars or any form of injustice

14. My one big regret is that I’ve never been part of a band

15. I cry really easily

16. I say “that’s ridiculous!” far too much

17. I’ve never had a 9-5 job and probably never will

18. My great-grandmother was Anglo-Indian. My great-grandfather got chucked out of the army for marrying her and turned to drink.

19. I’m a good gardener

20. I can rustle up tasty meals when others swear blind there is nothing to eat

21. I’m a good mimic

22. I can read and write Greek fluently although can only speak it semi-fluently

23. I’m spectacularly bad at any sort of exam but apparently have a high IQ

24. I’m not very good with authority figures

25. I prefer to drive and not be driven

Can I stop now? I’m never tagging again – that’s enough. Buenos noches mon petit blogees. xx

Photo © my Dad 1972

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  1. JDA permalink

    Well done RoMo! takes a bit of bottle doesn’t it? I have also done another one, shit!!!<br/><br/>I like your moral stance in some of the statements..loyal friend, hate liars, any form of injustice (you sure there’s no German in you?)<br/><br/>The bit in the car is interesting isn’t it, a well secured upbringing perhaps?<br/><br/>The odd &amp; even numbers point to desire for order and stability.<br/><br/>Greek?<br/><br/>Prefer to drive and not be driven? you obviously like to take control and also probably reflects in life?<br/><br/>Authority figures suck!!<br/><br/>Overall you seem to of been fortunate in life, maybe that’s why "life’s been good" is one of your favourite songs? and to finish on a more sincere note…I know I do not know you personally but I am glad to have you as a blogging buddy xxxx jif.

  2. JDA permalink

    Oh, that’s because you were honest!

  3. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Jif – yes – it takes a huge amount of bottle. The car thing really bothers me but I didn’t have a very secure family life so that’s probably what that is! <br/><br/>Greek – because of my mum’s Shirley Valentine phase in her life (another post one day)<br/><br/>I guess I have been quite fortunate although I’ve always made sure I have thrown myself into things that interest me and not done what others want me to do for their own satsifaction<br/><br/>Yes – I’m glad to have you as a blogging buddy too.<br/><br/>Thank you.

  4. JDA permalink

    Ridley Scott! smeg me…he done the ONLY Alien film, it shit me right up when I first saw it!! and to know there is a ‘sixth degree of separation’ at work here is truly amazing.<br/><br/>Walnuts and port! a terrific combination..nothing to do with your post but I’d thought I would just mention it! hic….

  5. Molly Bloom permalink

    I enjoyed the other one as well, so this is an added bonus. I like the idea of your parties. That is really cool. I bet they were rip-roaring mega-tastic parties. <br/><br/>I have some of those weird kind of even number things as well, I think it’s just mild anxiety. And providing structure in our lives that are so busy. And the imagining thing…it’s about survival. I bet sometimes (sorry to be personal here) you’ve had to survive on your own, or have a vivid imagination when you are on your own. Or, when you were a kid you spent lots of time on your own. That’s when the survival instinct steps in. And we imagine things like that. V. fascinating.<br/><br/>You should wear the ring though. That’s really cool.

  6. realdoc permalink

    Modern Greek or Ancient Greek? I ask because of my 2 best friends one did modern Greek at uni and the other did classics and is now a teacher of Latin and Greek. <br/>Didn’t it make you anxious that Nigel Tufnell’s speakers went up to 11.

  7. rockmother permalink

    Mollster – oh my goodness – yes – you are ABSOLUTELY right about the imagining a good place to sleep if homeless – I did spend alot of time on my own as a child and had to become independent from a very early age – that’s it! But weird how I still find myself doing it now – habit I guess.<br/><br/>Yes – the parties were fab – too old for it now – I’d probably have to go to a spa and recover for 4 days – ha ha.<br/><br/>Realdoc – that’s so funny – no – I love the fact that Nigel’s speakers went up to 11. Modern Greek by the way.

  8. Billy permalink

    Saxophones are very cool. I did get a chance to play one once and couldn’t get a very good noise out of it – sounded like the mating call of some giant bird.

  9. mad muthas permalink

    blimey that was quite a hard one (as they say) – 25 things!? i had a hard time thinking of 5 – and that was for two of me. i just don’t reckon i’d get round to it if i had that many to do …

  10. realdoc permalink

    Techie question Romo, I have (ahem) a friend who may be thinking about doing a podcast but the audacity software won’t let her import files from my, I mean her, itunes library. Any solution?

  11. realdoc permalink

    Techie question Romo, I have (ahem) a friend who may be thinking about doing a podcast but the audacity software won’t let her import files from my, I mean her, itunes library. Any solution?

  12. rockmother permalink

    Billy – well yes – I hadn’t thought of that – not actually being able to get a decent note! Glad to have you back.<br/><br/>Mad Muthas – it was bloody hard – I only meant to do ten and then got on a roll – it will make up for never doing one again!<br/><br/>Realdoc – now for starters, is your ‘friend’ on a PC or a MAC? And what software is she running?

  13. Istvanski permalink

    Excellent post, putting yourself on the line there RoMo. Converse are quality (I’ve got a pair of Levi’s lookalikes and bought a pair of proper Converse the other day from TK Max in a denim colour).<br/><br/>My Girlfriend’s dad is Anglo Indian, remember that film, what was it called? "Bowani Junction"?<br/><br/>The high IQ explains to an extent how you can cope with Greek. Your chances of getting any job are high if you have degrees in Greek AND Latin as it shows that you have a capacity to learn tough subjects (so they say).

  14. rockmother permalink

    Cheers Ister – yay Converse ‘rock’ as they say – apart from the fact I still look like a student – and at my age!<br/><br/>Well, I don’t have degree’s in Greek or Latin and the only time I find Greek useful is (a) if I go on holiday<br/>(b) talking to my mechanics who fix my car (they are Greek/Cypriot) but we speak in English mainly and (c) reading Russian although I don’t understand what I’m reading oh and deciphering stuff written in old Greek on ancient sites – so REALLY handy – not much. I’ve never filmed in Greece but if I did that would come the most in handy.

  15. realdoc permalink

    Ona PC and using audacity, but I think I’ve worked it out. Now realising all her music is too crap or too old to share.

  16. Arabella permalink

    A fascinating and most enjoyable read, so thanks for putting up with the tag.<br/>And you always have such great pictures.

  17. SimonHolyHoses permalink

    Some very cool things there RoMo.<br/><br/>I also prefer to drive. <br/><br/>Have you noticed how everybody else drives too near to the pavement, making you wince and grip your knees?<br/><br/>I’ve also realised that nobody else I’ve been in a car with knows when to change gear properly. They always do it too early or too late.<br/><br/>Ooh. You read Russian without knowing what it means? I used to have a similar ability to read arabic script.<br/><br/>Cool.

  18. Driving Miss Davey permalink

    Fairy interestink… (German, Freudian type accent there). I nodded sagely at a few of these, speshly the last two. Definitely surprised by a few others. Totally agree that it’s a brave thing to do coz I fer wun know you’re being honest about them and confronting what you really are is something we shy away from (or run like hell in my case!). By the way I’ve forwarded No. 5 to yor mum…

  19. rockmother permalink

    Realdoc – glad she got it sorted – music is never too old or out of date for a poohcast<br/><br/>Arabella – thank you very much – oh and thank you for the pictures too<br/><br/>Simon Holyhoses – yes – far too near the pavement or late braking – can’t stand it<br/><br/>Wavy Davy Driving Gravy – I don’t think there is much there you don’t know or haven’t guessed. Re: no 5 – I’ve told my mum sometime ago about dope-smoking – I just neglected to tell her I smoked it daily for a while!! Oh I’m such a disappointment!

  20. Pod permalink

    no. 10 made me smile on the inside. i dont know why. it is the most personal statement

  21. Pod permalink

    can you do penelope keith as margo in the good life? can ya?

  22. rockmother permalink

    Pod – ‘Tom, Barbara, Jerry – noooo’ (with mild disgust written all over my face whilst handing round the canapes).

  23. Pod permalink

    well. if you took the olive on the buses glasses off. i coulda sworn that were ‘er! genius!

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