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Beta Blogger anyone?

December 13, 2006

Unlike Beta blockers it appears that beta blogger does not serve to calm your nerves. Apologies to all if they thought I haven’t been around over the last few days – I have – and I’ve tried to leave some nice comments too but Betta Slogger won’t let me. Has anyone got any idea why? Firstly, each time I log in as a Blogger account holder person it keeps making me re-do word verification which is my worst nightmare – really! Then I try to just be ‘other’ – same thing, then I just try to be bloody anonymous and it keeps just refreshing and not posting.

Anyone bored yet because I am.

Very. Oh well, at least Barry Manilow is on the Royal Variety Cock-up – bloody hell – I’ve just seen David Gest being introduced to HRH – what HAS the world come to? perhaps he was giving him tips on eyebrow tattoo techniques and spray on hair products?

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  1. It looks to me rm like they desperately want us all to sign up to google. For the best of reasons I’m sure.<br/><br/>Barry Manilow you say!! I’m there.

  2. JDA permalink

    beats me romo…I have not tried the all new beta blogger, something told me not to do it, I guess it was all high profile advertisng everytime I logged in!<br/><br/>It might be a ‘cookie’ thing?<br/>beta works slightly different than the normal blogger..f**ked if I know.

  3. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Ahhh. The Royal Variety performance. That’s what it was. Happened to catch Gest as I flipped up and down looking for something decent to watch. Needless to say, that wasn’t it so I kept going. <br/><br/>Better Gest than my fellow country-man Jason Byrne who I had managed to catch some of earlier in the same show. He told some ridiculous tale about convincing a friend that a kitchen scales was an alarm clock. Shamefully bad. His web site title is ‘Jason Byrne – The Funny Irish Stand-Up Comedian’. I suspect with no sense of irony. <br/><br/>Anyway – to technical support. Had a similar issue with a different site the first time I accessed it with the new versions of both IE and Firefox. Popped security settings to Medium-High on IE and it seemed to work.

  4. Betty permalink

    As far as Beta Blogger and non-Beta Blogger is concerned, it looks as if we’re being carved up like West and East Europe after WW2.<br/><br/>Blimey, the state of Barry Manilow’s face – did he pull all the spare flesh to the back of his head with some gaffa tape then?

  5. Billy permalink

    I’ve had the same problems. When I tried to switch to beta it wouldn’t let me claiming my blog had thousands of posts (it has about 250).<br/><br/>Aaaggghgh!

  6. Spinsterella permalink

    I haven’t switched, and it seems like I can still comment everywhere except at Realdoc’s place.<br/><br/>I’m confused.

  7. realdoc permalink

    I can post everywhere but I’ve been beta for ages and ages. They’ve done for Molly and Mr Swipe as well.

  8. JDA permalink

    sounds like a nightmare…no one needs!!

  9. rockmother permalink

    Thank you for your help everyone – I still can’t sort it but will send a rude e mail to Blogger support – that should do it!<br/><br/>Betty – staples I think!<br/><br/>Realdoc – no – Molly’s given up and Bob’s moved to munterspace apparently! I’m most bereft. did you get my e mail?

  10. Istvanski permalink

    I’m the same as Jif on this one – I didn’t bother changing to Beta. It’s just a way of them using us as guinea pigs to test the new version.

  11. llewtrah permalink

    I can’t post on most Beta Clogger blogs. Sometimes it lets me post as "other" but mostly I can’t post at all. Why should I be forced to have a Google account (not that it is guaranteed to work anyway)?<br/><br/>Maybe if we all chant "Kill beta. Kill beta. Kill beta."<br/><br/>Not sure why Molly has thrown in the towel. Slaminsky is closed and may move to new premises. Maybe it’s the festive season grind getting to people.

  12. Pod permalink

    what is going on? i cannae post most places i want to either and molly has left and another blogger friend. i am going to sit down and cry until someone comes to get me!

  13. rockmother permalink

    Ister – well, I wrote a letter to Blogger support last night and they said that all of us will magically be changed over to Beta soon. It reminds me of living under Thatcher – no say in anything – just stuff imposed on you whether you like it or not<br/><br/>Llewtrah – definately – kill beta kill beta kill beta<br/><br/>Pod – here I am, there you go, that’s better. Yes – Molly has gone for now. I don’t think she is having a very nice time. She’s ok though – got an e mail yesterday.

  14. JDA permalink

    We will be switched whether we like ot or not!! sounds like a blogging dictatorship.

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