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Murder Most Fowl

December 25, 2006

Yum – this is what we are having over at Rockmother Towers for lunch this year. Their plumage reminds me of fine silk spotted handkerchiefs – oh no – I don’t think I can eat it now it’s too pretty.

Happy Christmas everybody and thank you very much for popping by as you do most regularly my little bloggers and blogettes.

Highlights of my week this week were (in no particular order):

seeing Henry Winkler as Captain Hook in panto at Wimbledon Theatre – he was truly great. Bobby Davro played Smee and kept ad-libbing constantly and making all the other actors laugh on purpose. Do you think Bobby Davro is his real name? I might have to wiki that.

walking down Hounslow High Street feeling like a super-model as everyone else was
(a) in really bad track suits
(b) really fat
(c) had ‘croydon facelifts’ – scraped back hair that made them look even more ugly
(d) being really horrible to their kids and eating Macdonalds in the queue to see Father Christmas
(e) staring at me (my son said it was because I was wearing ‘mans shoes’ – a nice pair of brogues actually – a high fashion item actually sweetie!)

mananging to avoid heavy work party drinking from Weds – Sat. Result!

Got to dash – sweet dreams everybody – hope you all get lots of nice presents.

Romo xx

*if anyone is bored or has insomnia then you can click here for mildly soporific podcasts 1-12*

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  1. First Nations permalink

    AHA! FIRST! I AM FIRST! FIRSTY MC FIRST!<br/><br/>yes, well.<br/><br/>i hope you have a merry christmas, rocky! we here at the rancho are knocking back the porter. the goonybird is somersaulting into the coffee table, i am wearing a john deere cap bubba-backwards, the YB is taking international phone calls and the SSA is doing sudoku so fast the pages are charring!<br/>XOOfn

  2. rockmother permalink

    Wooo FIRSTY! GO FIRSTY GO FIRSTY! I am completely inebriated and having fun in my high heeled boots!<br/><br/>Lots lof love xxxxx

  3. JDA permalink

    nows the time for a semi pissed podcast?

  4. Billy permalink

    You were in Hounslow? Good God! Shoes sound good though.<br/><br/>Seasons greetings to you.

  5. rockmother permalink

    Jif – now that WOULD be pressure! I’m exhausted – hope you had a good day.<br/><br/>Billy – I know! Hounslow or Ahhnslah if you want to say it properly is a shithole bit it had the nearest Father Christmas at the time! He was Australian which was a first I must say. Yuletide greetings – hope you had a good day.

  6. Simon Hilton permalink

    Splendid Saturnalia, Romo; Tomte and the elves send yuletideness to you and yours! Thankyou for being the Rock of RoMo for the past few months. Long may it last! Long live James Brown and Leona Lewis. Happy Xmas War Is Over If You Want It. Love Eternally SH x

  7. rockmother permalink

    Thank you Mr Hilton – thank you for allowing me to exercise the power of Romo onto the worlllllld! xxx

  8. llewtrah permalink

    Ooh, you had a bronze turkey? Lesser mortals have to settle for white turkeys. Me and the mog are stuffed full of organic free range chicken, infused with cider. <br/><br/>I’m spending Boxing Day watching Attenborough’s "Planet Earth" on TV – it’s on all day on one of the cable channels. Mind you, there’s so much crossover with Life of Mammals and Life in the Undergrowth that you do get a lot of deja vu.

  9. Istvanski permalink

    What’s so bad about a Croydon facelift? After all, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss…

  10. Anonymous permalink

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