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This Is What Happens

January 10, 2007

when you are naughty in our house.

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  1. That’ll teach ’em. No more information overload for you lot.

  2. JDA permalink

    Good job too….you’ll never catch me looking at such a weeny telly like that one!

  3. rockmother permalink

    It’s not weeny Jif – it just looks it in the picture – it’s a 26 or 28 incher my good man!<br/><br/>DH – yes – bad little temper and general rudeness mean no bloody telly in our house until you can behave (and say sorry!) – bliss.

  4. Billy permalink

    It must be tricky to watch TV with a big bit of paper on the screen. 🙂

  5. Annie permalink

    You cruel, harsh parent you…

  6. JDA permalink

    Oh really!! I got a 42 incher?

  7. Istvanski permalink

    Yeah, and I bought Jif’s 32 incher from him because it was to small for his own needs.

  8. realdoc permalink

    When I do that I just get very annoying msn doodly-wotsits sent to me continually until I let them put High School Musical on again…….aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh

  9. rockmother permalink

    Realdoc – Ugh ugh ugh High School musical – I’m glad we are still at the Oliver and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang phase.<br/><br/>Jif – a 42-incher – that’s rather big<br/><br/>Ister – thank you for sharing that<br/><br/>Annie – I know – I am horrible but not as horrible as my 5 year old sometimes;-o<br/><br/>Billy – sssh – don’t tell anyone – we take it off when he’s gone to bed and put it back again for the morning until the punishment period has elapsed (or been extended due to more bad behaviour).

  10. JDA permalink

    No not big at all…infact it just starts to tread into cinemascope…Oh Yeah!!

  11. JDA permalink

    Oh…and also, I never watch telly much (TV programs) I’m a bit of a film buff…love the moo-vies

  12. rockmother permalink

    Jif – I had to go to Peter Jones on Monday and saw a 62" tv – it was huuuuuuge. Quite incredible – like one of those small screens you get at the cinema – ??8999.99. They’ll be ??500 within 18 months.

  13. llewtrah permalink

    Size isn’t everything.

  14. JDA permalink

    I’ll upgrade to a 62" eventually, I saw a program the other day (what!!) in japan I think and they were showing a new tv…..over 100" widescreen…gulp.

  15. Ivan permalink

    We do that in our house too. I was really pissed off last night – I really wanted to watch Newsnight.

  16. rockmother permalink

    Help: does anyone know what this means?<br/><br/>001 No space left on deviceblog/5/56/13/therockmother/<br/>archives/2007_01_01_<br/>therockmother_archive.html <br/><br/>Can’t post anymore – keep getting this alarming message.

  17. rockmother permalink

    Scrub that – it’s all decided to work again – I think I’m being secretly punished by Blogger for not switching to Beta

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