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No. There is No One Home

February 6, 2007

Yep. The above illustrates the state of my brain at the moment. Nothing there. Full of air. Nothing to report. Perhaps if I stopped commenting so much on other blogs I might get some posting done myself but no, nothing comes. I’ve been meaning to post about all sorts of interesting things but like a proper airhead – as soon as I have the idea – pouff! – it’s gone.

I’m sure normal service will resume shortly. Him who snores like a herd of bison is working with Amy Winehouse tomorrow. She has to be on set at 06:00. I’ve already put a tenner on her not turning up on time. Will report back from the front tomorrow – if I can remember that is.

Also – something I have been meaning to post for ages – does anyone have any idea how Arabella is? She’s been awol since Jan 11th. I hope all is well in Arabellaland. Lastly…..

Dilemma of the week:
I’ve been dying to buy a new sofa for about three years. I finally bought one with my own money last month. It is a Robin Day Forum sofa from Habitat – a design classic and looks like this:


(not my picture – or my house – courtesy of ebay)

It is being delivered on Feb 28th. Trouble is – him who snores like a herd of bison went and sat on it in Habitat (as we weren’t together when I bought it) the other day and came home with a proverbial thumbs down to the impending delivery. He says it’s uncomfortable and looks like a waiting room sofa. I on the other hand find it supremely comfortable (I am only 5′ 3″ though) and nice to look at. So…I sort of mumbled that I had better cancel it. But that was two weeks ago and so far I haven’t. I was thinking about being really annoying and at least getting it into the house before I pretended that I had forgotten to cancel it and make a last ditch attempt at convincing the unhappy one that I was right all along. Oh such piffling trifles but I really am in a quandary as to what to do. The stubborn part of me wants to carry on regardless and brace myself for a raft of dreadful excuses and cross words on Feb 28th. On the other hand – I could just cancel it and get a refund and sulk and scowl on the old sofa for as long as I can muster.

See I told you I had nothing interesting to crap on about.

PS: anybody see Mika Ka-Ka sing live on The Culture Show at the weekend? He should have been put down – a truly shocking, ear-splittingly bad acoustic performance.

Right. I’m off now. Back with Winehouse gossip tomorrow hopefully. Oh. it’s all go here I can tell you.

Love The Rotisserie of Mo xxxx

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  1. Betty permalink

    We’ve got a much less glamorous Habitat sofa (or settee as they say north of Coventry). It’s very small so at least it means neither of us can afford to get fat.<br/><br/>My in laws have a leather sofa and, to be frank, in the hot weather it tends to give you rather sweaty nether regions.<br/><br/>Not that I want to put you off or anything …

  2. Billy permalink

    I watched the Culture Show – yuck!<br/><br/>I hope Lauren Laverne presents it for a while though, she is a useful indicator for me, being a year or so older.

  3. Geoff permalink

    We only watched the Ted Chippington thing (I am allergic to MIKA). <br/><br/>That sofa is enormous but you won’t be able to wear your black leather trousers on it. There’ll only be trouble.

  4. Istvanski permalink

    I’ve heard that Mika and Habitat sofas are meant to be all the rage?<br/><br/>What’s wrong with a busker outside Tooting Broadway underground station and Land of Leather…eh? Eh?

  5. That’s a tough one alright. I make a point of not getting involved with people’s furniture decisions. All I can say is it looks a bit sticky. I’m thinking spilled drinks, sweaty bums, wet pets and such. Easily wiped though I suppose.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Everybody – what a bunch of pessimists you are! But you’ve helped me realise a subconscious motivation for possibly buying such an article. Because it is so un-user-friendly it means that it cannot be perpetually bounced on by small person for fear of him fracturing his skull on the hard wood ends and snored on by bison snorer champion as it will be too hot and sticky. <br/><br/>And of course – when all that does happen I can clean it all up Margot Good Life-style really quickly!!

  7. realdoc permalink

    I think your sofa looks very nice. I don’t know what waiting rooms your other half has been in, not NHS that’s for sure. Red wine stains won’t show and that’s got to be good.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Realdoc – exactly! Red, rose, ‘Buie Breezers – spill and wipe away. Just like that. <br/><br/>I sort of know what he means about waiting room chic – I suppose there is an air of 60’s municipality about the sofa and thank you for liking it. <br/><br/>PS: I’m going to really try and do a podcast this week if I can.

  9. Old Fart permalink

    Sorry but I think the sofa’s awful. I can feel myself sticking to it already! For me a sofa is something that invites you to curl up and snuggle into (oo-err). Please don’t be offended, I just don’t believe style and comfort manage to go together that often. Oh, and you should see my brother’s living room – all 70’s decor, works beautifully but damned uncomfortable!

  10. Old (humble) Fart permalink

    Sorry, I guess my comment was a little extreme. Seeing as I only ever have me to consider then what I want is the priority. As you own a bison and a bouncy thing your priorities are far more survival based! luv, WGx

  11. rockmother permalink

    Old Fart – you are welcome to spill gravy and fart on my new sofa like a trooper when you come over – where would we be without old farts eh?

  12. Old Gravy permalink

    Ah yes, farts on a sofa, fun for all the family! The differences in timbre between smooth shiny leather and soft velour – ah the memories… what? where am I? Nurse – I’ve had an accident… NURSE!

  13. Arabella permalink

    Waves.<br/>Can’t he get his own sofa?

  14. Pod permalink

    your i meant…

  15. Pod permalink

    put you (small and well-shoed) foot down and keep it!! be naked on it when the bison gets home, that’ll change his mind….?

  16. rockmother permalink

    hhmm…..I’ve succumbed and decided to cancel delivery. Damnation! I will never hear the end of it otherwise.

  17. rockmother permalink

    UPDATE – I’ve won – we are not cancelling it – da da da da da da daaaaaa!

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