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I’m Just A Devil Woman With Evil On My Mind

February 27, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you – WillB with “It’s So Funny” by Cliff Richard. It is REALLY funny. Very funny indeed. You can catch more or make your own here.
WARNING: Sit down when you listen to this and don’t have any liquid in your mouth for fear of ruining your keyboards my little tappity tappers. Take it away Will.



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  1. Istvanski permalink

    I…erm…oh dear.<br/><br/>When are you gonna do your internet karaoke then, RoMo?

  2. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I..erm…..I know!<br/>I’m thinking about it – I nearly did a duet yesterday with my friend who ‘introduced’ me to the joys and hilarity of tinterweb krakkeoke! Ha ha.

  3. tkkerouac permalink

    Um<br/>my cat left the room in disgust with her tail up.

  4. rockmother permalink

    tkkerouac – Yeah – I’m not surprised! Welcome to Romoworld! Everybody – meet tkkerouac.

  5. JDA permalink


  6. savannah permalink

    too funny..i.’m jetlagged, too…thanks for the giggle…found you via a comment by dick on expat@large…gawd, now i’m babbling…

  7. Arabella permalink

    How clever. The backing vocal "shee-eep" is included! The best backing vocal line ever, perhaps?

  8. Lovely to hear real singing again. Thank you rm. Edith.

  9. Pod permalink

    bless him. the ‘but i ain’t losin’ sle-eep’ bit is brilliant!

  10. mad muthas permalink

    oooer! why? why would anyone want to do that song? i must know more. did you rate him?

  11. mad muthas permalink

    you’ve got to listen to the same bloke doing ‘i’ve got to use my imagination’ – classic!

  12. rockmother permalink

    Jif – yay – you are back! Welcome home.<br/><br/>Savannah – goodness – all these little blog and comment routes – it makes me want to babble too! Welcome to Romoworld. Everybody – this is Savannah – she’s jet-lagged.<br/><br/>Arabella – hello – how are you? Yes – the whole thing is an absolute peach.<br/><br/>Dickley – I mean Edith – who are you today? Glad you enjoyed it.<br/><br/>Pod – I know – I sort of feel guilty about outing him as this was his fourth attempt – christ knows what the others were like<br/><br/>Muthas of Madness – why would anyone want to do it fullstop?! In saying that – there was a great old lady on there who did a Kenny Rogers song – I’ll have to put her up next time. As for WillB – no i didn’t rate him – I was too busy scraping my jaw off the floor with my other hand.

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