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I’ve Finally Done It

April 15, 2007

The Romo For Real No 15 is up and running and ready for download action.

Click here for the latest podcast or to listen to the entire archive for that matter.

And don’t forget to vote – I’m slipping down the Top 50 you know which simply won’t do.

Mother. There is no other. Rockmother.

Ro Mo Fo xxx

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  1. Annie permalink

    Hurrah! and my, what magnificent bosoms!<br/><br/>I will listen to it when the iPod arrives back from its little trip on the underground, it will ease the pain of going back to work…

  2. Lovely podcast! You rock, mum. I remember than In Kraut thing…didn’t they do an orchestral version of Jumping Jack Flash? Happy birthday Bob.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Annie – hurray! They aren’t that magnificent – I did have to poke them out a bit!<br/><br/>Dickley – Wow thank you – I thought it was rather crap! The next one will be better. Ananda Shankar did a version of Jumping Jack Flash with a German band (which was often wrongly credited to George Harrison). I must put some Ananda Shankar on the next one actually.

  4. Billy permalink

    Podcasts. Yay! Downloading for listening en route to work tomorrow.

  5. Arabella permalink

    I just tuned in to radio RockMother, while marinading pork don’t you know.<br/>Happy ears.<br/>I had a crush on Tina Weymouth (Tom Tom Club) and still like her bass lines. <br/>’The Message’ was a fave too, though Billy’s recent post title: Don’t Push Me Cos I’m Close To The Hedge’ has taken it to a whole new dimension for me, Simon.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Probably the best pod you’ve done so far RoMo. Crammed full of excellent songs and milky goodness…look, take those brass pins out of your t-shirt, it must make it uncomfortable to wear. <br/><br/>You’ll do yourself a mischief.

  7. rockmother permalink

    Billy – splendid – I hope you like it.<br/><br/>Arabella – how lovely to hear from you and glad your ears were happy whilst marinading pork! Yes – Tina Weymouth – oh how I wish I could ever be as cool as her. Take great care xx<br/><br/>Ister – oooh – cheers. I nearly scrapped it as I thought it was crap. Glad you enjoyed it. Some people pay good money to have brass pins rammed into their…yes well nevermind you’ll have to use your imagination. It’s the Damned gig this week isn’t it – I’m so jealous!

  8. Istvanski permalink

    Yes – it’s tomorrow!!!!

  9. violetforthemoment permalink

    Bah, the podcasts don’t work on my poor ol’ Zen cos of the file format. There must be a way I can fiddle it… love the tshirt by the way. The first single I ever bought was God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You by Kiss.

  10. First Nations permalink

    those hooties have done nothing to deserve being burdened with the like of Knights in Service to Satan. for shame! <br/><br/>now i will thrash my hair and pretend to listen to your ‘cast on my imaginary ipod.<br/><br/>*smashes head against corner of desk, passes out*

  11. Robert Swipe permalink

    Great poocast, Roster! I especially enjoyed rupturing myself due to a spasm brought on by trying to dance to your scratch remix of the James Brown song…<br/><br/>I saw Tom Tom Club at the Borderline quite some time ago. They introduced a ‘special guest’ who was going to come on and help them. "It’s David Byrne, it’s David Byrne!!" we choruses, trying to get a glimpse of the shadowy figure mooching about reluctantly back stage. And who should come out and join them to mumble his way through Psycho Killer?<br/><br/><br/>…..<br/><br/><br/>Philip. <br/>Bloody. <br/>Glass.<br/><br/>Thank you very much for my birthday song Ro. Beautifully selected. Possibly even Beau…<br/><br/>And thank you too Dickster for the birthday greeting.<br/><br/>I’m 28 btw.<br/><br/>L.U.V. on ya,<br/><br/>Bob

  12. rockmother permalink

    Yo Bob! Wow – you’re here – thank you dear – I was getting worried. very heartened by everyone’s compliments seeing as I thought it was a pile of poo! Glad you liked your dedo – 28 – crikey – you’re older than me!<br/><br/>xx

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