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Malfunction Malfunction

May 18, 2007

Aow Arfa’ where’s me comments gone?

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SQUIDGET!!!!<br/><br/>Hope you enjoy all your prezzies and have a fantastic day!<br/><br/>(Save one of those Swizzles drumsticks for me?)

  2. Works for me. Now if I just had something to say.

  3. Annie permalink

    Happy Birthday son of RoMo! 6 rocks! <br/><br/>You throw a good party RoMo, and know how to make a mean party bag…

  4. rockmother permalink

    Ister – oh yes – we are awash here at Romo Towers – it’s turned into super power ranger bionicle Dr Wholand. Party was great for the kids, not so great for me – seemed to wake up with really bad gastric flu today. Feel terrible. Need my bed..(and industrial amounts of Toilet Duck at this rate!)<br/><br/>DH – have a mini-roll – we’ve actually got some left<br/><br/>Annie – thanks love – have a good night – hope your hangover isn’t too hideous

  5. savannah permalink

    happy, happy, joy, joy! (damn, i miss rem and stimpy) anywho..happy birthday! and hope YOU feel better, r-mum

  6. First Nations permalink

    hippo birdie 2 ewe!<br/>hippo birdie 2 ewe!<br/>hippo birdie, hippo birdie,<br/>hippo birdie 2 ewe son of rocky!

  7. Istvanski permalink

    Yes, get well soon RoMo. Dr Savvy prescribes 1 hour of Ren &amp; Stimpy per day for you to ‘get back on track’ as it were…I’m glad the party went well.

  8. Pod permalink

    i can’t upload images either! effin blogger. sorry to hear you’ve a dodgey hoop. i thought of you the other night. there was a doco on about ‘people of short stature’ (apparently we can’t say midget or dwarf no more). nobody said you can’t say cretin though? anyway this girl, amy, was 24 and she played a baby dinosaur in the travelling ‘barney’ show. they went to singapore, and when she arrived at her hotel room. she said ‘err, it stinks in ‘ere, it smells all asian’……..later on she said ‘god it’s so hot ‘ere, i’m swea’in round me ring’ole'<br/><br/>charming!<br/><br/>isn’t that a wonderful image?<br/><br/>hope you feel better soon. thanks for the big hug. you’re lookin gorge by the way<br/><br/>hope yer ring’ole recovers shortly love<br/>x

  9. rockmother permalink

    Savannah – thank you for saying I had to watch cartoons all day – still feel crook but not as dreadful as yesterday xx<br/><br/>Her Firstness – he is suffering from chocolate and lollipop withdrawal today and is very grumpy! x<br/><br/>Ister – cheers – was in bed by 20:00 – unheard of for me being The Rockmother and all. Posted back on my neighbours cheesy 80’s band on munterspace post if you are interested. Big Sound Authority.<br/><br/>Pod – why did you think of me watching a doc about people of short stature? I mean – I may be only 5′ 3.5" but really! How very dare you! Currently playing Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ on the itunes- seems apt right now. Big hug and hope the jaw is still intact. Loving the new photo’s by the way. x

  10. rockmother permalink

    oops – everybody seemed to get a kiss but Ister – here you go x

  11. Istvanski permalink

    Aw, thank you x

  12. Pod permalink

    only because i thought you would laugh at it love <br/>x

  13. rockmother permalink

    Pod – oh god – you are SO right. In fact – I must try and find it on tinternet and laugh at other people’s expense. Evidently, I’m never going to heaven – I’m going to tv hell! Perfect – works for me – I can finally have my own show and insult everybody without recourse x

  14. Howesy permalink

    Do you need any help in the toilet cleaning department? Ister and meself have recent experience of a particularly tricky assignment.<br/>Handy hint #1 Why not ease your toilet cleaning task by using Toilet Duck in the toilet, rather than drinking it.<br/>luv’n’ugs

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