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Zappa on Crossfire 1986

May 20, 2007

Big thank you to Geoff for this brilliant piece on well, censorship in the USA really. Why is Bush still alive and Zappa gone? Zappa wanted to go into politics and I so wish he had lived long enough to realise his plans. Somehow I can’t help thinking that the world would be a different place. This rather long piece is well worth watching to the end. Big up to the main mother of invention himself.

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    If you where to have Zappa (if hee where alive) as prez and Jello Biafra as second-in-command, the U.S. might be a safer place.

  2. Istvanski permalink

    I keep typing/spelling the wrong type of "were". It’s not the first time I’ve done it and I’m sure it won’t be the last.<br/>There are other words that I have trouble spelling, but I think you know what one of them is.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I seem to always do the same with ‘their’ and ‘there’ – for as long as I can remember – even back to nursery school. Weird isn’t it?

  4. Yes my comment thingy got disabled. Did you want to say something?

  5. St. Anthony permalink

    Even with Zappa dead and buried, he could <em>still</em> do a better job than the simian currently squatting on the desk in the Oval Office.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – probably but I’ll have to retrace my steps to remind myself. I feel a bit like I’ve gone into a room to get something but forgotten what I came in for. Ha!<br/><br/>St Anthony – oops I nearly wrote sir instead of St.! I couldn’t agree more. Bush is a fool (and probably can’t dance).

  7. savannah permalink

    st anthony is correct! i am counting the days until this nightmare ends! i am also considering alternative places to wait the rest of this devastation (i cant bring myself to call it an administration) out…preferably drunk and disorderly…

  8. rivergirlie permalink

    o i’m all confused. the happy birthday post has disappeared – i just wanted to say belated birthday greetings to the little’un – er sorry – big six-year-old, but i can’t leave a comment on the party bags page either. <br/>(don’t go where the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow – pure genius)

  9. realdoc permalink

    Frank Zappa gives good ‘tache!<br/><br/>Back for good this time, hopefully.

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