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Corgi’s Poodles and Kate Bush

June 2, 2007

It’s amazing where a simple thought can lead you. I’ve just been over at Llewtrah’s clogging up her comments box about the ‘minced Corgi incident‘ which was featured on the news earlier this week. Which then led me to mention the ‘poodle-pie eating incident‘ with Robert Morley in the very famous Hammer film ‘Theatre of Blood‘. I use to love Hammer Horror films as a child despite the fact I used to scare myself rigid by watching them in the dark and having to peep through my hands that were covering my face for most of the film. I guess we used to make our own ‘themed’ nights in those days……..So off I trot to youtube in search of that infamous scene thinking I might put it up on here for everyone to laugh at. But instead I got side-tracked by Kate Bush’s performance of Hammer Horror in 1979. I wonder who the man in the balaclava and dance tights was? Of course I would never slag off the Mighty Bush but this clip made me laugh almost as much as if I had found the clip of Robert Morley being forced to eat poodle pie. Enjoy it for all is datedness – late 70’s picture feedback trails, dodgy interpretive dancing and Kate almost asphyxiating balaclava man with her mighty boosh of hair flicking.

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    "I wonder who the man in the balaclava and dance tights was?"<br/><br/>Jimmy Pursey perhaps?

  2. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I reckon Boosh has got more taste than that but it had crossed my mind!

  3. savannah permalink

    dunno…the only thing i remmbe of kate bush is her singing on peter gabriel’s "don’t give up" or something like that…too early still…damn, almost noon..i am hungover…

  4. rockmother permalink

    Savannah – uh-oh – have you got a Margarita head? You know the only way to feel better is to have another one! Just one! x

  5. Geoff permalink

    There should be a blue plaque round here where Kate grew up. <br/><br/>I didn’t get into her until Betty bought all her albums. Now I’m a convert. She’s still got it well into middle age and there are very few pop musicians you can say that about.

  6. Annie permalink

    Ah, the mighty Bush indeed… all bow down and worship. I love this song but had never seen this (appropriately)hammy video, so cheers – did the term ham acting come from Hammer Horror then? <br/><br/>Now, where did I put my crimpers…?

  7. rockmother permalink

    Geoff – Kate Bush is a not appreciated enough genius as far as I am concerned<br/><br/>Annie – glad you like the song. Re: ham – hmmm I wonder? Oh god – original Babyliss crimpers. I wasn’t allowed to have any so I used to wash my hair and tie it in tiny plaits while wet and then sleep with them all sticking out of my head. In the morning – hey presto – I looked like Crystal Tips. And no one could do anything about it! Another 1978 nostalgic moment.

  8. Pod permalink

    i loved hammer horror. the theme tune was enough to make me wee myself as a podule. i remember one with a couple going away to the country in a mini. it was pouring with rain and they were lost. they kept seeing a man in a souwester (?) standing by the side of the road pointing, with a really deathly zombie finger. i can’t pick up hitchers to this day romo.<br/>as for kate, she is my all time fave. she is a genius. her lyrics are incredible, and the fact that she wrote some of her best stuff when she was 13/14! i was searching youtube for some of her earlier tv performances and i found one of faith brown doing an impersonation of her. remember faith? all teeth and tits and maggie thatcher…..<br/><br/>sorry, waffle waffle<br/>x

  9. rivergirlie permalink

    hammer horror-UH

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