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July 10, 2007

Liberace obviously had the right idea – sit in a bath and contemplate your navel


or your ‘personality lift’ shoe and boot collection.

Currently languishing in bed with last week’s Observer Magazine and a box of violet creams (not really I hate violet creams). Taking time out after doing a Margaret Thatcher and operating on 4-5 hrs sleep a night for the last three/four months solid. How did she do it? Feeling a bit un-rock. Will be back soon once I’ve got my brain back up to speed and my mojo back.


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  1. Howesy permalink

    All the best for a speedy recovery RoMo!<br/>If you’re feeling fragile, I wouldn’t pop round Ister’s if I were you, his Toilet Duck habit is veering seriously out of control…

  2. Bill Grant permalink

    "Pop round Ister’s"?!?<br/>Get it roight, Howes.<br/>"Pop round Bill’s", OK?<br/><br/>I hope your blogitis ting vanishes quickly an’ dat you’ll be back ter normal.<br/><br/>I used to share that very same bath with Liberace when we were both working the chitlin circuit – not sharing the bath together you understand.<br/>I’m not gay (but the bloke I sleep with is).<br/>x

  3. Howesy permalink

    Sorry Bill you old bastard, shut the feckin’ doors and let’s go…

  4. Bill Grant permalink

    Dat’s better, Mr Howes.

  5. Geoff permalink

    Thatcher died in ’79 and was replaced by a robot. All it could say between midnight and 4 a.m. was "Oh Denis, oobidoo, I’m in love with you!"

  6. Arabella permalink

    Take all the time you need. I hope people are waiting on you.

  7. That old poof (not you Bill). He had a very popular TV show when I was growing up. The papers were always publishing ‘shocking exposes’ but nobody seemed to care much. Like now really.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Howeser – thank you and yes I’ve noticed the Toilet Duck abuse getting very out of hand at Isters..I mean…Bill’s<br/><br/>Bistvllsterski – Thanks chuck – just realised what the date is – sorry – won’t be going tomorrow<br/><br/>Geoff – makes note to oneself to stop trying to be a robot<br/><br/>Arabella – thank you Arabella – no – I have no one waiting on me unfortunately as him who snores like a bison is being particularly non-understanding. Anyway…<br/><br/>Dickley – I went to see Liberace at the London PAlladium when I was 12 or 13. It was the only English essay I got an A+ for. I shall try and did it out and write it up for future blogpost.

  9. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – I meant dig it out – sorry – fatigue doing weird things to my eye brain co-ordination

  10. Dat’s alright.

  11. Annie permalink

    If I had those boots, they would lift my spirits.<br/><br/>Hope you get some zzz’s in RoMo. xxx

  12. Betty permalink

    Liberace gay? Never! You’ll be telling me next that Barry Manilow is a *confirmed bachelor* and that Sue Barker was Cliff Richard’s beard! I always had dreams of marrying Liberace too 😦 <br/><br/>Er, keep on sleeping.

  13. Billy permalink

    Why has Istvanski turned into Bill Grant… I’m most confused…

  14. rockmother permalink

    Annie – yes – they are quite fab in a dreadful way aren’t they?<br/><br/>Betty – are you mad? Liberace was as bent as a nine bob note! Sorry to disappoint…<br/><br/>Billy – I don’t know. Who IS Bill Grant anyway? I think he might be something to do with football – just going off to google to check.

  15. Bill Grant permalink

    I don’t know anyting about football. Dat’s why oi support Rangers.

  16. Howesy permalink

    For christ’s sake don’t google Mr Grant, he’s in it deeper than Ziggy and that’s saying sumfink…

  17. I’d like to see a bit more speculation about Barry Manilow’s sex life please.

  18. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – I’ll see what I can rustle up Dickley

  19. savannah permalink

    feel better, sugar….i think we all need a break…mental health kinda thing…or do i know these days..or ever…

  20. Clair permalink

    That looked like Liverace to my old eyes. Now there’s a novelty piano act…

  21. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – see next post<br/><br/>Savmarshmama – thank you – feeling a bit more normal today despite the Barry Manilow post xx<br/><br/>Urban Clair – Liverace – that’s hilarious. I actually just re-read the post title as Bilitis and thought good god I didn’t write that did I?

  22. rivergirlie permalink

    hope the romomojo returns soonest. we call them ‘violent creams’ down by the river and i’m now incapable of asking for them properly in the shops – which is a little bit awkward. <br/>(like the film we always referred to as 101 damnations – best not to start such tomfoolery, cos you often can’t stop it.

  23. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirlie – yes – like the Bahlsen choco-leibniz biscuits that I always seem to refer to as ‘chocolate lesbians’.

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