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Live and Sleazy

July 14, 2007

There was some talk in the comments a few days ago about Hot Gossip – here they are in their former most fabulous glory performing a jaunty jig to “Live and Sleazy: by David ‘Scar’ Hodo (the construction worker from Village People – I kid you not!!). Yes as Cafe Del Nightmare pointed out to me via the powerful medium of ichat – it’s gayweek here for some reason – brought to you in wonderful Romovision. Enjoy.

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  1. Gay week eh? Perhaps I’d better ease up on the poofter references for a while.

  2. savannah permalink

    damn, tell a fool something, sugar! and here i thought it was meme week 😉

  3. Annie permalink

    Wow. I remember when they first appeared, and after Pan’s People seemed very cutting-edge and sexy.<br/>hahahahaha!<br/><br/>Here is some Pan’s People to compare:<br/><br/><br/>(they were called something else after they were called Pan’s People, but I can’t remember the name.)

  4. rivergirlie permalink

    legs’n’co wasn’t it? yeah – i wanted to be like the little pouty one – but all the copies of jackie in the world wouldn’t have been enough to help me achieve my dream!<br/><br/>it’s romohomofabulous over here at the moment!

  5. Bill Grant permalink

    Smashing! Can we have a clip of the Village People performing "In The Navy" please?

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