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Oh Dear

September 8, 2007

How unfortunate. Poor little Katy Lee Webster pasted all over the papers this morning – especially The Metro for having a shock of ginger hair aged two months. But really? You would have thought they tried to make her smile or even take the photo from a slightly more flattering angle? Or wait until the ‘ugly phase’ had passed? Apparently the midwife asked if the child was ‘wearing a wig?’ and the grandfather said: ‘Blimey, look at that hair!’. I say bring back Multicoloured Swapshop! I won’t go on as I will be tempted to say something mean mean mean.

Diversion! Diversion! Here’s a clip of Human League miming on that very show.

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  1. rockmother permalink

    Annie – yes – in a squished cabbagepatch doll type of way. Being the owner of an orange haired child myself I remember he went through a disgustingly ugly phase around the same age and was often referred to as Captain Manwaring. He turned out all right thank goodness. Let’s hope pudgely does the same.

  2. Arabella permalink

    I have no idea who this baby is but I appoint myself its Knight. Poor little mite will go through hell through most of its young life for …gasp…having red hair, so I’m sending unconditional love ("that’s lurrrv l.u.v") and a Fortnum &amp; Mason box of ginger snaps. And you lot can’t have any!<br/><br/>Hey RoMo, nice to see you posting again. Just as I go on hols, dem it.

  3. Billy permalink

    My brother had ginger hair at a very young age but it was nowhere near as freaky as that.

  4. llewtrah permalink

    My hair was bright ginger right into my early 20s. Really bright ginger. I used to be called Duracell.<br/><br/>Reading Wilkie Collins, it seems the prejudice against copper-tops was already in place in Victorian England – untrustworthy etc 😦

  5. rockmother permalink

    Arabella – have lovely hols my love. It wasn’t so much the ginger hair it was more the shape of the face that I find so intriguing.<br/><br/>Billy – yes – I have spawned a ginger child but I would like to think he is a bit more normal by comparison – oh poor little thing<br/><br/>Llewtrah – yes – gingprejudice is rife and must have always been through time. A lot of people including idiotic teachers assumed for a long time that my son ‘must be naughty’ because he had masses of curly red hair. Mind you – in saying that – everyone in Thailand wanted to touch him and sniff him for good luck which was a little disconcerting.

  6. erindoorz permalink

    Ha Guys Don’t be so mean lol. . . She may turn out to be the next Nichole Kidman and she has done well out of it<br/><br/>Just Remember that saying. . ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE. . .<br/><br/><br/>If Chris Evans can do it…and he still is at that ugly stage. . . anyone can lol

  7. erindoorz permalink

    Second thoughts. . .Kate nough looks like mini Chris Evans . . .owwwwww<br/><br/>They say we all have a double somewhere

  8. Professor Noddy Richardson permalink

    I reckon ginger prejudice goes back a long way, the roots of which can possibly be traced back to biblical times. Old Testament stuff. Sometimes, the first murderer Cain is depicted as having red hair as in <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>this painting</a> by Tissot (not the watch maker). Esau is also sometimes reffered to as having red hair though this may be a misconception as a Hebrew word of "Edom" (Adam?) was used to describe him. Edom is also a topographical reference of a place consisting of red rock. First bloke on earth Adam (Edom?) may also be described as being "of red" and King David has been described as a redhead. So really, redheads are not to be messed with – they have royal / spiritual blood.

  9. Hamish MacRed permalink

    Didn’t Esau sell his birthright for some lentil soup?

  10. Esau permalink

    That’s not true!<br/>And I don’t have red hair!

  11. Sandra Kemp permalink

    I’ve lived with the curse of gingerism all my life.

  12. Ben Watson permalink

    The only prejudice that I’ve become a victim of is because of my support for Millwall FC.<br/><br/>Which is fair enough I suppose.

  13. Ginger Blogging Society permalink

    We thank you for highlighting the difficult plight of every day life as a coppertop, Rockmother, although that picture may hinder the cause.<br/><br/>And the clip of The Human League will hinder the plight of the New Romantic revival.

  14. lindy chamberlain permalink

    I told you the dingo ate my baby!

  15. First Nations permalink

    chubby cheekies!<br/>CHUBBY CHEEKIES!<br/><br/>not until puberty will the full horror of having red hair make itself known, poor chile.

  16. Pod permalink

    i thought it woz you<br/>x

  17. Howesy permalink

    if you turn the picture upside down, it looks like a young noel edmonds.<br/>Hmmmm………

  18. Istvanski permalink

    Are you sure Howesy?<br/><br/>No way, I’m not turning my PC monitor upside down for this, it’s too heavy man!

  19. rivergirlie permalink

    i shall refrain from commenting on that poor baby BUT thank you sooo much for that clip. can’t WAIT to show it to the twins! they’ll be gobsmacked. i remember dancing just like that and thinking how immensely cool i was … ahhhh – happy (if deluded) days!

  20. rivergirlie permalink

    my daughter has just commented that the baby looks like a golden tamarin –<br/><br/>she had a point. she also said (more enigmatically) ‘it would be really sweet if it wasn’t ugly’.<br/><br/>and i kind of know what she means.

  21. Istvanski permalink

    Shame on you all! See how you mock one of God’s precious creatures as being tarnished by a multitude of ugly-sticks because of your shallow perceptions of Hollywood beauty standards.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>[Sniggering under own breath…]

  22. llewtrah permalink

    No-one wanted to sniff/touch me in Thailand. Well, not unless you count the naughty bits of Bangkok where they wanted me to go into a bar and see some nice boys.

  23. <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>Bugger</a> your copyright thing.

  24. GreatSheElephant permalink

    As a ginger, I can conclusively say that the hair is best thing about that baby – incredibly ugly child.<br/><br/>Judas Iscariot was also supposed to be a redhead. That’s one theory. Another is that we (or rather you) suffer from an inbred terror of the Scots who are far more likely to be redheads.

  25. Bock the Robber permalink

    That is one ugly fucking child. It looks like David Caruso.

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