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Geordie Jumpers!

November 3, 2007

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    That was better than watching Adam Ant sing Stand & Deliver in a club style on Shooting Stars. x

  2. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I think Vic and Bob are comic geniuses and were way ahead of their time. I’m now going off to sing Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder in a pub style!

  3. rivergirlie permalink

    that was will self wasn’t it? i thought i was hallucinating.<br/>i used to love those games they made the contestants play (i have got the right series, haven’t it – iranu/uvavu)<br/>vibro-sprout was my fave.<br/>oh – and the occasion they told richard e grant he’d got it wrong and the place he was born was actually pronounced ‘switzerland’.<br/>classic.<br/>(and who’d have thought ‘what are the scores, george dawes’ would turn out so big and clever?)

  4. Betty permalink

    … more importantly, why are they not on the telly any more?

  5. rockmother permalink

    Rivergirlie – yes – you have it right. Do you remember the ‘dove from above’ and Ulriiiiika ka ka ka. Fantastic.<br/><br/>Betty – I know! I heard a story about why they aren’t really on telly anymore but have forgotten. I think Bob wanted to do other stuff. I wish they had their own channel! (hmmm…good idea)

  6. savannah permalink

    that was hilarious, sugar! i think i almost understood everything they were saying! 😉

  7. Howesy permalink

    Does it worry you that I read your blog while stood on a desk and vigorously rubbing me thighs?

  8. rockmother permalink

    Savmarshmama – I’m glad you got it – alot of people wouldn’t! xx<br/><br/>Howeser – no – not at all!

  9. Tim Footman permalink

    I remember Jordan being a contestant, and complaining that Vic was looking at her tits.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Tim – as if you couldn’t miss them! Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Geordie jumpers for a minute I thought I was in Little Britain for a minute with the only homo in town.

  12. Istvanski permalink

    A man walks into a doctor’s in Newcastle with a bottle of brown ale sticking out the end of his foot. Doctors have diagnosed him with an ingrowing toon ale.

  13. Arabella permalink

    Still laughing at the Istvanski joke…..<br/>I recall deep debates about who was the lovelier – Vic or Bob. Used to adore their suits as much as their jokes.

  14. Robert Swipe permalink

    Ro-tisserie of Mo-tisserie:<br/><br/>Thanks for the exposure (oo-err – reminds me of that bathing incident…brrrrr!!)<br/><br/>Easiest thing to do is to open up i-Tunes and click on either file or edit – can’t remember which) and there should be an option to ‘Subscribe to podcast’. Click on that and it will ask for a URL. Paste in the link to the podcast’s feed (in this case:)<br/><br/><br/><br/>and click OK or whatever. It then downloads all the episodes on the feed into your i-tunes. Alternatively, paste the feed URL into a website search with i-Tunes running. If you use jellycast or Switchpod, it should come up with all the episodes on your feed but also give you the option to subscribe in i-Tunes. Just click on that.<br/><br/>Finally, I’m not sure if this works if you’ve not had your cast accepted by i-Store, but you can just replace the http part of the url with itpc – <br/><br/>itpc://<br/><br/>That’s supposed to give you the one-click option to subscribe – you could give that a try posted in as a link on your blog page.<br/><br/>Hope that helps…<br/><br/><br/>Bobsters

  15. Istvanski permalink

    I have a theory on this copyright non-acceptance nonsense.<br/><br/>Bob’s first podcast featured no music at all and he decided to just welcome and talk about fellow bloggers if I recall.<br/><br/>iTunes listened to it, decided it wasn’t offensive and against any artist’s copyright laws etc, so iTunes then blindedly accepted all the other Bobcasts on the basis of trust, ie: they thought all future Bobcasts would feature no music and just pleasant talking about inoffensive stuff.<br/><br/>Needless to say, I’m sure my stuff will never be accepted by iTunes. They don’t know what they’re missing…

  16. Robert Swipe permalink

    ….iTunes listened to it, found it wasn’t offensive…"<br/><br/>Yes, Vanski Boy – "Groups of guitars are oin the way out…."<br/><br/><br/>I love it when people get it *so* *very* *wrong*…<br/><br/>Bobsters

  17. rockmother permalink

    Anonymous – hhm..I wonder if thats where they got their inspiration from..<br/><br/>Istvanski – very good – ha ha – I’m going to send that to my Geordie mate<br/><br/>Arabella – yes – lovely suits – you can’t go wrong with a good suit unless you are Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen of course!<br/><br/>Bobster – cheers me duck – will apply my brain to it – I really should do another podcast – have got poddrawal<br/><br/>Ister – well deduced Watson – I think you may have cracked it

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