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Slightly Old Hat

December 9, 2007

Do you think they had a competition to name the bear (and lied about it afterwards…)?
My teddy was just called………..Teddy. My panda was called……….Panda. And I had a koala bear called……….Humphrey. Broke the mould there! And a goldfish called…………George (who split because we fed him too much). Poor George.

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  1. Geoff permalink

    I had two pandas, Daddy Mugger and Baby Mugger. That’s before muggers were called muggers, of course.

  2. the whales permalink

    Your goldfish split?!<br/><br/>I had an elephant called…Nellie.

  3. Annie permalink

    I had a strange pink &amp; blue dog/lamb hybrid knitted by my Auntie Jessie, called Lambchop, (inspired by Lambchop)<br/><br/><br/>Guess how many British teachers are going to volunteer in Sudan from now on?

  4. sean permalink

    Haven’t a clue about the competition- they lied anyway.<br/>I had a teddy, a budgie, a goldfish all called Billy. I should have broke the mold.

  5. Istvanski permalink

    Goldfish are for life…<br/>I went in to a pet shop. I said, "I’d like to buy a goldfish?" The guy said,"Do <br/>you want an aquarium?" I said, "I don’t care what star sign it is."

  6. Spinsterella permalink

    A dog-teddy thing called "woah woah".<br/><br/>Apparently I named him myself.<br/><br/>What did muggers used to be called then Geoff?

  7. I used to have a donkey behind the potting shed. Well it wasn’t really a donkey it was an old tin can. I used to feed it grass. My mother went along with it but I think it worried her.

  8. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    My rabbit split as my brother and I each pulled one of its legs during a fight. Messy.

  9. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Then my mum had to sew it back up to stop me crying.

  10. Tim Footman permalink

    I had a teddy with a sort of squeaky thing in its chest that went <i>UH UH</i>, so he was called Uh Uh Bear. Then the squeaky thing stopped working, so he became George.<br/><br/>I met Valerie Singleton once. She was absolutely delightful.

  11. FirstNations permalink

    i had a tonka dump truck i used to sleep with; it was named ‘mohammed’.

  12. Geoff permalink

    Muggers used to be called cads and rotters.<br/><br/>My pandas were little rotters.

  13. Arabella permalink

    The name of my rabbit was Bunny. I used to to worry when it was washed and hung on the line by its ears.

  14. llewtrah permalink

    My teddy is called Cuddly. He’s sheepskin, but much mended and is 40+ years old. I have a red panda toy called "Little Red" and and unnamed plushy crayfish from New Orleans.<br/><br/>I also had a couple of koalas (both called Tikki), some rabbits (both called Tog after the character in the Pogles), a felt horse called Bobbin and various other toys.<br/><br/>On my desk is a unicorn called Bollockchops and a lion called A*seface, both named by the guy who used to share my office.

  15. rockmother permalink

    Geoffster – how strange you are..<br/><br/>The Whalester – yes – we fed it too much and it split!<br/><br/>Annie – trust you to have a knitted hybrid. Grandma’s don’t knit much now do they? (In my case – thank goodness!)<br/><br/>Seanster – my granny had a budgie called Joey and we all hated it. I used to try and teach it swear words but it wouldn’t comply the bastard!<br/><br/>Isterness – what like pyrex? the thirteenth sign of the zodiac! Ha ha – boom boom.<br/><br/>Spinny – woah woah? Like what you say to horses when you command them to stop? How odd you are.<br/><br/>Dickley – I know where you are coming from – don’t worry<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Troosers – yes – I found out after throwing my Sweep puppet really hard at my bedroom door during a "I don’t want a nap" tantrum that his head was full of sawdust<br/><br/>Timster – oh – we had a uh uh bear. I think we called him Henry Bear. I once went to the Blue Peter set as a child and met Leslie Judd and Peter Pervert who kept calling me ‘pet’. Say no more! they signed my Blue Peter Annual for me.<br/><br/>Firsty – trust you! My brother fractured my collarbone by throwing a tonka toy at me really hard. Little shit. We are friends now but it took until our 20’s to be so.<br/><br/>Arabella – oh – poor bunny – my son had a rabbit called Mr Babbit and I used to tell him that Mr Babbit likes it when we peg him up on the line. He was really rough with poor Mr Babbit after that. I blame myself I really do!<br/><br/>Llewtrah – that’s so funny.

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