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The Quicksands of Time

January 14, 2008

Actually, the last post was a lie. I don’t know what is wrong with me – can’t concentrate, can’t get anything done, feel like I am stuck in goo and can’t move, worried about lots of things, made my mother cry today by telling her to ‘stop shooting her mouth off’, then I cried. I think I have got Januaryitis. I hate everything and feel exhausted. Now I know how canoe-man felt. But I shall rise above it – somehow. I need to do that thing where you stand in front of the mirror and say: you can do it, you are great or some other such nonsense. Bah! January! I hate it all. Just going off to slap myself round the face and give myself a swift kick to the head – that should work.

In the meantime – if anyone else is suffering from a similar malaise then watch this – it is guaranteed to cheer you up. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you………The Rah Band with Clouds Across The Moon. The rather louche looking lady singing is the wife of the man in the emergency space blanket bacofoil boilersuit and baseball cap who wrote the song. In the words of Andre Previn – “I’d say it’s one of the worst pop video’s of all time” (apart from Fade to Grey by Visage of course).

Every time it came on Top of the Pops when I was young me and my best friend Claudia used to point and say “ughhhh, she’s a dirty prossy”. I’m sure she is very nice really.

That’s better – and if that didn’t work then this definitely will (powers)…..

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  1. Geoff permalink

    Clouds Across The Moon is the first track in our eight CD compilation of our stack of cheese and one-hit wonders.<br/><br/>If you can kick yourself in the head your worries are over. They’re crying out for own head kickers!

  2. rockmother permalink

    Geoffster – I just KNEW you and Betty would know of and appreciate the grande fromageness that is Clouds Across the Moon. Seem to have done my back in practising those high-kicks to the head.

  3. Annie permalink

    aw, hon. Here is some more fromage <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>right back at you</a> – I hope things are okay and the January blues depart soon xxx

  4. rockmother permalink

    Annie – thanks dear – I am a miserable old cow – even more miserable than Morrissey was at his most miserabalist when he sang that miserable song. Thank you for the classy Baccarat clip – one of my favourites!

  5. Clair permalink

    Triffic! I love Kissing With Confidence, which I bought in the damp basement record shop in Camden for ten pee. If you need cheering up, come and meet me for lunch and we shall have tea and cake and ten great singles for a quid.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    Possible case of S.A.D?<br/>Eat healthy, do exercise, read lots of jokes and share them with your mum. Hope she’s forgiven you and you have forgiven yourself.<br/><br/>Most importantly, do 2008 your way, and let life happen to *you* for a change.<br/>x

  7. sean permalink

    Give me the power, the power baby, before I fade to grey- (said in my best over the top Elvis impersonation) <br/>I love Kitsch- an art in itself, with a duel purpose – saves the bruising, and nasty cuts from slaps and a swift kick (in the "hows your uncle," in my case)<br/>with even more effect. <br/>If you sing those kitschy songs like I do in times of great despair, they have the elevation -potent power – similar to Amazing Grace.<br/>I have to say, just looking at Mrs. Rah singing to Mr. Rah (in the emergency space blanket bacofoil boilersuit and baseball cap) restored me. I’m off out to buy the wife a costume, and a karaoke machine- I hope the moon is cloud clear tonight. I might even put my hairy chest piece, with my silver razor blade and coke spoon- God, I think I’ve displayed the secret loosh/louche I harbor in me.<br/>Just a seck,– sssswwwwwift kkkkkick-<br/>Ouchhhhhh! "Get those thoughts out of your head Sean, you old fool. Think positive. Ahhhhh, that’s better."<br/>Mum, you’ve brought the best out in me today. I’ve got those January blues; infact it’s the only month on my calendar. I have it specially printed for me every year. I don’t want anything to change, just like Bonnie Raitt’s song:<br/>"Sleepless nights aren’t so bad <br/>I’m staying up, I’m staying sad <br/>I don’t want anything to change. <br/>I know the truth is right outside <br/>But for the moment it’s best denied <br/>I don’t want anything to change.<br/>————<br/>I’m off. I feel another song coming, altogether now: "Super Trouper <br/>beams are gonna blind me <br/>but I won???t feel blue <br/>like I always do <br/>???cause somewhere in the <br/>crowd there???s you, Mum.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Clair The Urban Woo Lady – oh I am so glad – another fan of Will Powers. Everyone always looks at me a bit strangely when I say I like Kissing With Confidence. Perhaps they get the wrong end of the stick? Ooh – yes – lunch – I’m cheered up already. E mail.<br/><br/>Ister – S.A.D.? More like MAD or BAD. I think I just had one of those days yesterday. It started with opening the curtains and immediately coming eye to eye with a magpie. I saluted it and said ‘hello Mr Magpie how’s your wife today’ but it evidently didn’t work as within the hour I had managed to have a heated conversation with my mum, be really rude which made her upset, then I got upset. Then we made up about an hour later thank goodness. The day finished nicely with the most badly behaved and rudest Squidget in the whole wide world who ended up having to go straight to bed (with supper) due to calling me a stupid bloody idiot (because I wouldn’t buy him chocolate), kicking the car out of gear while I was driving at 40mph and then locking himself in the car once home. Aaaagghh. Aaaaagh. Aaaaagh. That’s better. We have all woken up a bit happier today except Bisonsnorer who is a bit grumpy. Avoid. Avoid.<br/><br/>Seanster – have you had your medication yet? I never get the January blues but I have this year. Can someone take that black dog on my shoulder to be put down please? It’s barking too much. Thank you for making me laugh. Put the drugs down. Walk away. Think of something else. Make a bacofoil emergency spaceblanket boilersuit. And yes – I agree – in times of peril I always seem to find myself singing Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddup A Ya Face’ – how ridiculous is that? I sang it out loud at work once without realising. Funny.

  9. Betty permalink

    Amazing to think that Rah Band single was a huge hit. It sounds as if it was recorded for about 50 pence (they were also responsible for the excellent glam rock-type instrumental The Crunch). Anyway, that woman was a style icon. I spent ages searching for a high-metal sheen pewter coloured lipstick, as you can imagine.<br/><br/>I’m very low on energy at the moment – have been for the past few weeks, although I was in a permanent bad temper at the beginning of the year. I reached the stage where I started to get annoyed with myself more than anyone else! Anyway, try not to get too stressed out (well, as little as possible, anyway).

  10. Howesy permalink

    Hope you feel better Roster,<br/>mind you, it could be worse,<br/>you could’ve woken up as Britney Spears,<br/>or worser still,<br/>you could’ve woken up as Britney Spears’ kids.<br/>Soon be February…

  11. rockmother permalink

    Betty – oh yes – I was going to put up The Crunch as well but thought it might be Rah Band overload. Yes – I am rather annoyed with myself too – thank you for your kind words Betty<br/><br/>Howser – yes – you are quite right. That makes it all better now. Thank you. Maybe I am having a mid-life January induced crisis – it’s my birthday next week – 38 again!

  12. JDA permalink

    With all the trials and tribulations that life puts before us… it’s hard sometimes to stand back and access things as they really are and not how you percieve them to be?<br/><br/>A flower begins life living amongst dirt! but eventually it rises and blossoms as a thing of beauty….but the dirt stays at the bottom!<br/><br/>You are a flower Romo…always remember that.

  13. rockmother permalink

    Jifster – am currently doing a good impression of a fish gasping for air after that comment. Thank you for your extremely humbling and kind words. Where would we be without blogging and personal bloggfugassistance? Thank you x

  14. llewtrah permalink

    The cold grey days and long nights get to me too. I was a basket case before Xmas, but the sight of days getting a little longer has given me renewed energy in the last week.<br/><br/>I second the suggestion of possible SAD. Full spectrum lighting can help.

  15. Clair permalink

    Dearest Mother of Rock,<br/><br/>I can’t find your email addy on your profile – mine is theurbanwoo at yahoo dot com…<br/><br/>Bestest,<br/><br/>Me<br/>x

  16. rockmother permalink

    Llewtrah – thank you<br/><br/>Clare the Urban Woo Lady – oh – that’s weird – I’ll mail you

  17. Feeling much better thank you rockmum. January shmanuary.

  18. Howesy permalink

    I don’t know why I need to know this, but is that Meat Loaf in the vid? (not the one with the pointy bits, the other one.)<br/>If you could tell me why the answer should be important to me then I’d be interested to know that too.

  19. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – glad to hear it – brace yourself for February Schmebruary won’t you? x<br/><br/>Howeser – yes – you win the prize! It is Meatloaf – I think there are some other famous 80’s people in the vid also but he is the most recognisable. Is that better now? x

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