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x(19)+(240)8squared pi = cake and misery

January 24, 2008

Yes – 24th of January – mathematically proven to be THE most depressing day of the year for the world. Proven by a mathematics professor in an important university and no doubt written on special paper. Statistical fact! Oh well. Nevermind. I intend to have a nice day. Ho hum – 17 again…

(Drawing Copyright David Shrigley – one of my favourite genius’s)

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  1. Istvanski permalink

    Today you shall have your <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>cake</a> AND you’ll eat it.<br/><strong><em>Happy official RoMo Birthday!</em></strong><br/>x

  2. Behind Blue Eyes permalink

    My son, my daughter, my husband and 2 nieces are aquarians. My son is Feb 18, my nieces are Feb. 13 and 17 and my daughter should have been born on the 19th but she was premature. My birthday is November 19, do the math. I guess I’d better keep my legs closed on my birthday and my sister should stop celebrating my birthday too. Happy Birthday.

  3. Annie permalink

    RAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR REAL!!!<br/><br/>Cake when I see you.<br/><br/>(I love David Shrigley too… Maybe you should treat yourself to a David Shrigley tattoo like these mad folk…)<br/>

  4. katty permalink

    Vey Happy Birthday To You….

  5. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    I feel that I may have used up all my birthday wishes yesterday, on your fake birthday. I feel cheated somehow.<br/><br/>Still, I suppose I can muster a begrudging one: <br/><br/>Happy Birthday, RM.

  6. Betty permalink

    See, I bought that single when I was … sixteen, and didn’t quite understand the implications of being seventeen and not yet a woman. The Regents sank without trace within about a month of that getting into the charts, didn’t they?<br/><br/>Many happy returns, and may all your dreams come true (or one or two of ’em, anyway).

  7. Geoff permalink

    I’m really depressed now. Why can’t it be my birthday?<br/><br/>Have a super day, Romo!

  8. Shrigley eh? Thanks for the tip. I have taken the liberty of nick…er downloading some of his drawings. Happy birthday rockmum.

  9. sean permalink

    Happy Birthday Mum.<br/>Everyday’s my birthday-just as depressing as the other 364 of them. (except for today)<br/>I wish I could be there to buy you a drink, I wont say cheer up, as you know glum is my middle name.<br/>Have a nice evening.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Ister – ooh cake mister ister – why thank you xx<br/><br/>BBE – most people look really sorry for me and cock their head in a sympathetic manner when I tell them I am an Aquarian! ha ha<br/><br/>Annie Slammers – Yay and yay again. Thank you – more cake – yum! xx<br/>Shrigley is the best. I love him and his serial killer writing<br/><br/>Katty Supermum – thank you xx<br/><br/>Jimmy Pages Trooserster – oh go on then – force yourself – thank you x<br/><br/>Betty – I had insomnia for about three days trying to bloody remember that bands name last year as I wanted to put the song on a podcast. I know what you mean – I never really got it either at the time – I was 13 or 14 I think..thank you Bettster for dream wishes – I really need something good to happen like that x<br/><br/>Geoff – heaven knows let’s all be bloody miserable now – cheers Geoffster x<br/><br/>Dickley – I thought you would like Shrigley – thank you dear for bidet greetings x<br/><br/>Seanster – someone at work has just gone out to get champagne – I think it is meant to be a surprise but I heard them talking about it. I shall cyberly send everyone a sip.<br/>Not going out tonight as I live with a grumpy bisonsnorer. Will go out with friends nest week instead. x

  11. Billy permalink

    I also like Shrigley.<br/><br/>It’s my friend’s birthday today as well.<br/><br/>Happy birfday…

  12. GreatSheElephant permalink

    Happy birthday (only a day late)

  13. rockmother permalink

    Billster – hurray – another Shrigleyite. Thanks for greetings.<br/><br/>Great She – better late than never – thank you x

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