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Roel – Romo’s One to Watch – Clever Dutchman

March 21, 2008

This gives the music video industry hope. A one take wonder. zZz is playing: Grip is the first video of Roel Wouters aka Xelor. It’s a one take music video simulating typical video effects that we encounter from day to day. The video was recorded live as part of the opening ‘Nederclips’ at the Stedelijk Museum Holland.

The project was commissioned by the TAX-videoclipfonds. The proviso of shooting it was that the audience at the opening would be able to witness the whole shoot, and that the videoclip would be added to the exhibition immediately after filming. There was no option to reshoot or edit if something went wrong. It is really clever and a breath of fresh air. It is a great way of seeing things that we take for granted and using them to illustrate something completely different.

You can check out more from this years ‘Romo’s One to Watch’ here. I predict big things in the world of music video and advertising for Mr Roel. And you can check out ‘the making of’ here...just as interesting as the video itself. I love the marriage of music and maths.

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  1. savannah permalink

    wow, wow, wow! crazy mad inventive stuff, sugar!

  2. rockmother permalink

    Savmarshmamamama – glad you liked it. I think it is really clever.

  3. SEAN RECKLESS permalink

    ACE ACE ACE!<br/>Fucking brilliant stuff (excuse the Dutch)<br/>There’s no doubt the magic or alchemical marriage of music, and vision makes real gold.<br/>Very nice cop indeed, you made my weekend.<br/>A very Happy Easter to you Mum.<br/>(don’t wait up I wont be home)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Very clever stuff. A smile of admiration slowly crep across my chops!

  5. rockmother permalink

    Sean – ooh I got a shock there ACE are my real name initials and it threw me. Glad to have made your weekend. I am a little bored of Easter already and tried to find a picture of the worlds ugliest easter egg to post up but none of them were ugly enough. Perhaps I should make one? Have a great weekend. x<br/><br/>Anon – don’t be shy – glad you like Roel Wouters – I think he is a genius.

  6. Axe Victim permalink

    That was awesome. Thank God for the people with this kind of mind. <br/>Thanks for sharing RM. Dig it.

  7. paddy permalink

    You have an eye for real art<br/>Happy Easter.

  8. Istvanski permalink

    Production wise it reminds me of <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>this</a>.

  9. Axe Victim permalink

    OkGo wow. What a great bit of film. That’s clever.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Mr Axe Victim – no worries – I love that sort of mind too. By the wya – why ARE you called Axe Victim?<br/><br/>Paddster – hello Paddy – thanks for dropping by. Why thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Easter too.<br/><br/>Ister – yes – I agree – another brilliant one-take video – very very clever<br/><br/>Axe Victim – yeah – I love their stuff

  11. Great find rockmum.

  12. Axe Victim permalink

    Ah yes, the curse of Axe Victim. The background begins <a href=’′ rel=’nofollow’>here</a> Then there is my obsession with guitars, hence a victim of my obsession. And so it goes on. It gets worse. To be saddled with such a moniker is fine and dandy if one is Jimi Hendrix or some such player, but with me it is like somebody from Brentford FC calling himself Golden Boots. I was stuck for a title is more akin to the truth.

  13. Howesy permalink

    I enjoyed that RoMo, it made me smile and that’s a plus on a cold miserable and wet easter day.<br/>As for Mr Victim’s sinister likening of an innapropriate moniker to a Brentford player calling himself Golden Boots, it’s my experience that all the Brentford players boots are poo coloured, so i have to agree.

  14. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – glad to channel fun to the masses x<br/><br/>Axe Victim – ooooooh I see – thanks for clearing that up AV<br/><br/>Howeser – it’s freeeeezing isn’t it? Poor Brentford – they don’t get very good press do they? I don’t like the place very much – they are poshing it up apparently – perhaps another Travelodge will do the trick? I saw a girl crying into her mobile phone in a blood-stained wedding dress outside the Brentford Premier Lodge a few weeks back – was very surreal. No – I didn’t stop.

  15. Howesy permalink

    Stray Photon told me a moving Brentford story once. He was driving down the high street and stuck in a bit of a jam when his attention was drawn to a dog walker. But the odd thing was that the dog was completely immobile, lying stiffly on the floor as the owner dragged it along. Stray was moved by this and it played on his mind for a couple of days as a sad little montage, devotion to pet/denial of death of same kind of thing.<br/>However, a couple of days later, he was driving along the same route, spied the same dog walker, this time accompanied by a particularly upright and lively dog, the very same one who was comatose the other time. Canine narcolepsy? Who knows? <br/>Re: the bloody bride, perhaps you should scout the local press for a "bride attacked with ketchup on wedding day" story?

  16. rockmother permalink

    Howeser – maybe the dog had had too much to drink?

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