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Competition Update: And The Answer Is

March 29, 2008

that the odd one out was indeed T’Pau because they were only band in that group to integrate the saxophone into their song to worse rather than better effect. Obscure – yes – so sorry. It was originally just going to be a post about how few bands have been able to incorporate the saxophone into popular music to good effect but on an impulsive, uncontrollable whim I turned it into a competition. Well done to Miss Violet who basically guessed it. But seriously, The Blockheads, X-Ray Spex and Iggy and the Stooges all use the saxophone brilliantly within their repertoire where perhaps you would imagine that it really shouldn’t work at all. A tetchy, squealy punctuation that actually becomes the signature of the tune. The difference is that these bands played it punchy whereas T’Pau innapropriately married pop with that smooooth sax sound which just made the song sicklier and over-produced. Don’t get me started on Candy Dulfer! Shouldn’t have been allowed near a brass instrument if you ask me. Ditto Curtis Steigers. George Michael is let off because Careless Whisper is a perfect Greek pop song.

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  1. Thank you. I had been wondering about the saxophone integration contest. I had considered saying something about David Bowie but decided I’m simply not knowledgeable enough on the subject. Well done Miss Violet.

  2. JDA permalink

    Saxophone eh!<br/><br/>The ‘Soft Machine’ used sax…as played by various members through out their history….1970 onwards.<br/><br/>Ermmm….then there was ‘Van der graaf generator’….the guy used a wah peddle with his sax!<br/><br/>Probably nothing to do with your competition,,,,just thought I’d mention it.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Dickley – it’s fine Dickley – say what you like – that’s what we are all here for<br/><br/>Jifdump – Fantastic references – I meant to ask everyone who they could think of but I was tired when I rattled out the post.

  4. Betty permalink

    You mean to say that you don’t like the smooooth, sexy sounds of Spandau Ballet’s Listening To Marvin ALL NITE LONG? Or Stay Now by Hazel O’Connor? Shame on you!!<br/><br/>(I’m only joking. Mind you, I do have a soft spot for Baker Street which doesn’t feature Bob Holness. I’m going to hide away in shame now)

  5. rockmother permalink

    Bettster – I sneered at my best school friend in 1978 when told me how much she liked Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty – we were meant to be punks (which is why I sneered)! But I secretly quite liked it – I only admitted it to her last week. Running away in purdah now.

  6. rockmother permalink

    Of course – Madness made excellent use of the saxophone as did Roxy Music.

  7. Madness of course!….it was on the tip of my tongue.

  8. Istvanski permalink

    Pah! What a cop out! There is absolutely no room for saxaphone in punk / heavy rawk that’s why the song "You Know" is the worst Damned song ever. Coxhill should’ve abstained from those sessions.

  9. rockmother permalink

    Ister – each to their own each to their own – I think it works for X-Ray Spex and Iggy and The Blockheads though – just not poor Carole!

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