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I’m A Latchkey Kid

May 2, 2008

I am currently on a big Mark E Smith and The Fall tip (exacerbated by working with him this week but that will be on a future post). Imperial Wax Solvent is the only good album to come out this year as far as I am concerned. I listened to bits and bobs of The Fall as a kid mainly through the transistor that was hidden under my pillow tinkling out scratchy John Peel programmes. I managed to tape Industrial Estate onto a cassette and played it one bored teenage weekend to my square best friend who only liked The Beatles and Neil Diamond at the time.

‘Isn’t it great’? I shouted

‘No’ she replied wincing….’it’s unemployment music’.

That made me like it even more.

Here is a great track from the current album.

The kids of today have a lot to learn – like playing instruments properly for a start! The current Fall line-up is probably one of the best for years. Onto…..

Outrage of the Week:
A Domino’s Pizza flyer came through my front door yesterday advertising “Meatball Mayhem” The Official ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Pizza. Flaming Nora. It looks like a bunch of bollocks on a pizza to me. Evil American-style branding gone mad and encouraging more people to watch crap telly while munching their way through more fat and salt. Hideous.


Prior to that squeezing it’s way through my letterbox of discontent – on my way home yesterday I noticed a semi-local pub had stuck a BNP poster to it’s sandwich board just outside the front door. I un-pinned it, scrunched it into a ball and posted it through a Royal Mail letterbox. The owner of the pub came out and tried to have a go – plop! too late! I found it so offensive I thought that that was probably the best way of getting rid of it so no one else could read it – or be reminded to vote for them. I then finished the day off nicely by subjecting myself to Celebrity Rehab – brain bleach brain bleach. Nurse! nurse! Prick my boil! Bank Holiday podcast coming your way soon.

Check out my other podcasts here! Don’t forget to vote!

Lastly – a ridiculous German in a ridiculous jacket interviews Mark E Smith in 1989.

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  1. Piley permalink

    We saw an advert on tv a few months back for pizza hut (i think) and t’was a rare ol lookin thing… sausage pizza i think, my reaction was "errhhh, poo pizza!" it was the foulest looking thing… and these things always look better on the ad too!<br/><br/>oh and judging by that prog, there is no talent left in Britain at all.

  2. Axe Victim permalink

    Speaking as someone who is standing as a councillor (really) in my loal area (and one who got soaked standing outside Whitton Library all yesterday evening)I find your lack of regard for democracy most intriging? But I am with you all the way re your sparky attitude and strong sentiment towards it in addition to your loathing of such dreadful foodstuffs. I tend to lose track of what The Fall are up to these days. I liked that track though.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Billster – No – I can’t get enough either. Bring on the unemployment music. I know what she means – I think she was referring to the urban-ness of what it was all about as well as the sound. Brilliant observation if you ask me.<br/><br/>Geoffster – I wanted to go to that gig but it was either too expensive or sold out or both. You should do a post about it.<br/><br/>Piley – ooooooh…poo pizza – yuck. Like Pepperami – a little stick of annoying talking poo!<br/><br/>What programme are you referring to by the way?<br/><br/>Mr Axminster – sorry I only call you that because it disturbs me to write Axe Victim – I hope you don’t mind. I am all for democracy and I take it extremely seriously – it is just a shame that we don’t have a voice (a) and consequently (b) it doesn’t feel like we live in a democracy at all these days – more like a dictatorship. People should listen to the inhabitants of this country and they don’t. I had some idiot at my door today trying to sell me house decorating services. He went on a rant about Polish people. I ended up in a full blown discussion about world finance, politics and prejudice. He rather stupidly turned around and said to me that if I told him I hated all Poles and put a sign outside my house saying I wanted them out of the country then he would be my friend. I told him to fuck off. But I felt a bit shaky afterwards because he was obviously a bit potty.

  4. tony permalink

    Mark is Some Sort Of God ………Although I,m not sure I want to Meet him in Heaven………….

  5. Annie permalink

    There was someone handing out BNP leaflets on the teachers’ strike, would you believe it? I’m sure he got very short shrift.<br/><br/>Did that little boy in Kes grow up to be Mark E Smith? Well I never…

  6. Betty permalink

    I know he wouldn’t want to move to the smoke, but I quite like the idea of MES being mayor. I’m sure he’d find some way of making teetotal non-smokers pay fifty per cent taxes.<br/><br/>On our way to the town centre the other day we saw several shaven headed hardmen putting BNP leaflets through doors. Now, if we’d been Jimmy Pursey we would’ve confronted them and tried to persuade them of the error of their ways. Being a couple of wusses we just kept our heads down and ignored them. It’s people like us that make Britain what it is today …

  7. rockmother permalink

    Tony – yes – I think Mark is. He writes and speaks a lot of sense and has always been a little ahead of his time I reckon. I hate it when people are only properly appreciated when they die. The press seem to concentrate more on how much he has drunk or how much speed he has had over the years rather than what a good writer/performer he is.<br/><br/>Annie – fucking BNP – I hate them. We had a near riot/total and final divorce in the kitchen this morning as himwhosnoreslikeabison thought it would be funny to tell me that he voted BNP on Thursday. He was so convincing and I got so angry and shouty that he had no space to tell me that he was in fact joking due to me ranting angrily. Oops. Not funny. I put the picture of the boy in Kes up as I always thought of him as a latchkey kid.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Bettster – ooh – we must have been tapping away at the same time. Yes – Mr Smith would be a great Mayor or Minister of Culture. He should curate the next Meltdown Festival – that would be good. As for BNP supperters – I usually mutter the c-word under my breath when I pass them campaigning to the masses.

  9. Istvanski permalink

    I thought the BNP were replacements for the National Front until I read the election booklet and found both parties representing certain areas.<br/>Bloody BNP. They infiltrate our communities, they take our jobs, they take our women, etc.

  10. chazza permalink

    Hi Romo. . You Never know what next with Pizza toppings. . x x

  11. Reginald Parsons permalink

    Kind of melancholy looking kid he was.<br/>..??? unemployment music???.<br/>I love it. People have to put (things in boxes) to have power over it.<br/>I guess that???s what having the name of something is really all about- POWER/knowledge.<br/>I tried to listen to divshare I am pissed off with it their server is really bad- it keeps stopping like you tube– I???ve started to download the tube clips (if you check out momo) to my real player and embed from there- plays every time (I think)As I type you’ll notice youtube is down everywhere. (your time 14.48)<br/>Look forward to the next pod cast let me know please.<br/>?????????..

  12. rockmother permalink

    Ister – I know! There was at least 3 fascists in the voting guide booklet – horrendous.<br/><br/>Chazza – I shudder to think!<br/><br/>Reggie Darling – I know – ‘unemployment music’ it makes me laugh every time. Re: the kid, well Kes was a pretty melancholy film I guess – and a great one too. I wonder where that boy is now that played him on the film?<br/><br/>Divshare has it’s moments but I thought it was my bandwidth – on the whole it is ok with me…did you listen to the unemployment music or did it keep stopping? It stops for the first 20 secs and then loads and plays I think. Will mail you when pod uploaded.

  13. chazza permalink

    Romo. . Yerr fun dabby dozy as they say lol. At least you have the weekend to rest and do what comes naturally ha!!<br/><br/>Even a Pizza ha! lol <br/><br/>Multi taskin at moment..on here while dinner cooks, doing the laundry and Contemplating the garden. Today…First day I’ve opened the garden door since the winter. <br/><br/>Don’t trust to hang out the washing though. .x x

  14. rockmother permalink

    Chazza – oh – nice one. I ran the gauntlet and did two lots of washing today – just got the last lot in before it rains like winter again. God my life is dull – no wonder I feel tired! Now I have to tidy up the kitchen and rustle up a culinary delight for the little ginger squidget. And then – I may have to have a glass of fine red wine to get through the boringness of the rest of the day/evening! Yaaaaaawwn! I wish I was in a band and then I would have an excuse to go out to practise! Bloody hell – I think I must be having a mid-life crisis reading through the above – don’t mind me. 😉

  15. chazza permalink

    ROMO: unfortunately such is life when we are home makers. Agree on the Wine, had none in yesday I finished the day with a Brandy and Black. .gorg.<br/><br/>A mate of mine emailed…Made me laugh to high heavens with my morning cuppa..<br/><br/>Hope this helps your afternoon ahead<br/><br/>A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew up morning cuppa each morning. The wife said, "You should do it because you get up first, and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our cuppa." <br/><br/>The husband said, "You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my cuppa." <br/><br/>Wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the cuppa." <br/><br/>Husband replies, "I can’t believe that, show me."So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says . <br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>"HEBREWS". .g8 or what…x x

  16. chazza permalink

    P.S Ironing Day for me, Ironing his smalls and X Larges. Ohh yes with a Brandy and Black. lol.<br/><br/>Need more laughes…to take you through the B/Holiday. . Plenty more on my blogg. .surprizing thing is, it was a guy who sent it to me. Modern men who can handle ittttt. .x xtakecare sweetheart.

  17. Right, I feel like I’ve caught up on British politics. Better than CIF. Thank you all very much.

  18. rockmother permalink

    Chazza – Bleaurgh! Brandy and Black!<br/><br/>Dickley – glad to be of service x

  19. chazza permalink

    Romo. . Unfortunately I am a bit of a sweet tooth. . x x

  20. tony permalink

    I,m not sure when <i>I,m Not There</i> comes out in UK? I,ve seen it advertised in one of the monthly Music I guess it’s will be interesting to see what/if any extras are included.<br/>i have had what i believe technically is called <i>man-flu</i>……!

  21. chazza permalink

    MAN FLU?. . Does it mean Men who can handle it?. .X

  22. chazza permalink

    Thought I’d google as Man Flu interested me why it was called. .(Since I have one myself…be prepared is fore warned as they say).<br/><br/>This is what I found: One reads as you don’t have a cat in hells chance. The other quite hopefull. .read for yourself check out the links. . <br/><br/>The virus attacks the immune system 10000 times harder than the average flu virus, causing excruciating pain for the victim. Man Flu has no cure and prayers <br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia<br/> <br/>Man flu is a largely pejorative term that refers to the alleged exaggerated symptoms experienced by men when suffering from flu or a cold. …<br/><br/> –

  23. Arabella permalink

    Brave girl! I still almost wet myself when I remember being chased down Bearwood High Street by skinheads after writing over their National Front stickers in a bus shelter. I could run then, being young in the early 1980s; wouldn’t get very far now.<br/>And yes – MES for Mayor.

  24. rockmother permalink

    Tony – oh – I see! You had a heavy cold then! ;-)<br/><br/>Chazza – thank you for the definition<br/><br/>Arabellakins! Oh if I could see you I would give you a big hug – I have been worried about you. Glad to see you are whirling around in cyberspace. Hope you are well. There’s a bit of new and ols MES on the podcast if you are interested. xx

  25. chazza permalink

    Romo: strange one thoug. . All I would say to poor Ton you don’t need a fancy title as these researchers would like to lead us to belive it is called.(justifying their expertise no doubt). .Flu is flu and wish you better soon. .X

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