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Five Uneasy Pieces or Pic’n’Mix (Depending On How You Look At It

June 11, 2008

5..4..3..2..1..Ready..Steady..Go! Goodness – how time flies. Here is a little synopsis of various posts that have been whirling around my head over the last two weeks. It’s been a bit busy round here and I have been a bit distracted…..evidently… thinking about (in no particular order):

5. The prospect of being able to go to the cinema next year and watch Lemmy – The Movie. If the trailer is anything to go by I think it may be rather good despite Lemmy’s terrible joke as featured below at the end of the trailer – I don’t think Lemmy wears coats so cue the music, cue the tumbleweed….and be deaf forever

4. Enraged that The Daily Bloody Mirror decided to put “I lied about my gastric band op so what and now I’m all stressed out and have probably gorged on 100 packets of Ryvita because they don’t make you thin anyway which is why I had the gastric band in the first place” Fern Britton – instead of beyond inspirational Pat Regan on the front page. Leave Fern Britton alone. It is pathetic. What’s more newsworthy? Obviously not Pat Regan who made it to page 4. Pat Regan was an astounding person. A brilliant mother and victim of violence with the death of her eldest son that initiated her becoming active in the Mothers Against Violence campaign several years ago but ironically ended in her untimely and tragic death at the hands of her own grandson. I strongly feel that Pat Regan would have further changed law and made an even bigger and more positive difference to the current gun and knife related youth crime in this country had she lived. She already had. Truly devastating that she is no longer alive.


Pat Regan Activist Campaigner Mother 1955 – June 1 2008
Read more about Pat’s phenomenal work here
Read more about Mothers Against Violence here

3. Felt a bit sad and sick seeing a heavily pregnant teenage girl with a packet of fags and mobile phone at the bus stop yesterday. She looked really defiant and was dressed in an outfit some people might deem to be ‘inappropriate’ for a young pregnant woman but it wasn’t that that particularly bothered me – it was her attitude. She had a face of pure grump and her arm was cocked out over her bare tummy holding the fags and mobile aloft as if to say “yeah? what”?. It made me sad for the imminent baby and I wondered how many fags it had had already. Actually I wanted to cry.


2. Wondering why Peters and Lee were so funny?


And did Lenny get his glasses from the Innovations catalogue?


But why were Peters and Lee such a national joke – a bit like Mary Whitehouse or Fanny Craddock? Piley has done a nice little piece featuring Peters and Lee on Planet Mondo here.

1. Thinking about how funny a voice Annie Leibowitz has – New England clipped mixed with huge energy and excitement. A genius. See last night’s Imagine here.

Lastly in the absence of a podcast which is also whirling around my head – here is a song for Friday – I dedicate it to all those either having a mid-life crisis or gorging on that popular chocolate bar Credit Crunch or both.

And some great obscure Russian poster art for a shoe factory I found.


Doors to manual darlinks – Romo Airlines – prepare for take-off.


Night night everyone.

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  1. Momentary Madness permalink

    … rock on Lemmy. That’s the way I killed my Head Teacher.<br/>Yes, makes you want to cry sometimes, especially when we know exactly hy things are the way they are.<br/>(I don’t know why – just now – I felt I had my hands around Gordon Browne’s neck, and I was enjoying every second)<br/>"Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain. <br/>The lights are blinking I’m thinking It’s all over when I go out drinking Oh, makin’ my mind slow, That’s why I don’t fuck wit da big four-o Bro’, I got ta maintain `Cause a nigga like me is goin’ insane <br/>Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain."

  2. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – yes – Lemmy – what a fantastic legend he is. <br/><br/>I jsut noticed I wrote ‘song for Friday’ but it is only Thursday – hark at me wishing my life away! x

  3. Istvanski permalink

    The gardener squashed his what?

  4. Geoff permalink

    How was Lemmy an inspiration to Mick Jones? <br/><br/>By surviving I suppose, maaaan. It couldn’t have been the music.

  5. Axe Victim permalink

    Lemmy is a living leg end. I love the way that he has been able to keep it all togehter. And now a movie. What fun. This is a must see.

  6. Reginald Parsons permalink

    My Dad used to say stop wishing your life way. I never did, and it still hasn’t gone anywhere.<br/>So keep on wishing. (whatever that means?)

  7. Squashed his fucking FROG Ist. Wash your fucking ears out!! Not sure about all those people sucking up to Lemmy romo….makes you want to puke.

  8. Planet Mondo permalink

    I’m buzzing for the Lemmy film, I saw motorhead once – crazy loud, but not as crazy loud as the Lords Of The New Church gig I was down the front at.<br/><br/>Now if someone could only do an Iggy style docu’ in the style of Dogtown and The Z Boys.<br/><br/><i>PS – thanks for the shouty out too</i>

  9. Behind Blue Eyes permalink

    Wow! I’m so American I didn’t recognize most of the things you were talking about, of course that’s what made it interesting!

  10. Piley permalink

    Lemmy Peters N Dianne Lee??! Now theres a pair up i’d pay good money t’see!<br/><br/>P

  11. chazza permalink

    Wow!!! Thanks brings back memories yet again, lost in this dizzy brain of mine nowadays.<br/><br/>I’d have love to have seen a sneeky pic of the pregnant teen. Your description was so accurate of unfortunately alot of these girls…x x

  12. Istvanski permalink

    Dick – You shouldn’t bring up the words Lemmy, RoMo and puke in the same sentence. That was a long time ago and it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

  13. llewtrah permalink

    The fags stubbed out in sand made me think of candles or incense lit in churches – for a minute I wondered if cigs were to be the new offering to the spirits (presumably the spirits of those died of lung cancer) over here as they are in parts of South America!

  14. Axe Victim permalink

    I like Lemmy me. Saw him play in Hawkwind at the Marquee Club when I was a lad. I don’t get Motorhead though, but I stll love his attitude. He’s a proper rockers rocker unlike say, Keith Richard.

  15. chazza permalink

    Re reading your comments…those shoes THE HORROR..unfortunately I had a pair just like…MUMS CHOICE, she bought my school shoes I had no say…x x

  16. rockmother permalink

    Ister – frog I think<br/><br/>Geoff – uh! how could you say that?!<br/><br/>Axe Minister – I know – how cool is he?<br/><br/>Reggiedarling – I only just told my son that the other week when he said that he hated being 7 and wanted to be a teenager!<br/><br/>Dickley – I know what you mean but there are always peopele that will hang on every ounce of someone’s word – just because it is them. But this being a case in point – it was just the way it was edited – they only interviewed people who like Motrohead and think Lemmy is a god – which he is – I won’t have a bad word said against him.<br/><br/>Mr Mondo Bongo – I have experienced ongoing impaired hearing in my left ear since seeing Motorhead at close quarters last year – I will hopefully be seeing them again (filming – cross fingers) and then as a punter in Nov – I will no doubt be profoundly deaf by Christmas! Eh? What? No probs re: the shouty outy x<br/><br/>BBE – good – it would be boring if you knew about everything I wrote about – glad you popped by<br/><br/>Piley – Welcome Home in the style of Bomber – yes<br/><br/>Chazza – oh god you so wouldn’t have wanted to see a picture of the pregnant teen – so painful to see it really was<br/><br/>As for shoes – yes – takes me back to teachers shoes when I started secondary school in 1977!<br/><br/>Istvanski – quite right – oh the shame – I can never go to The Hole In the Wall again for fear of being given the task of mopping up the Ladies!!<br/><br/>Llewtrah – I think Lemmy has smoked a lot of fags in his fantastic life<br/><br/>Axe Minster Man – I have to say – I think I prefer Hawkwind to Motorhead although they don’t really compare. I love the cheesegrater up against the amp sound of Motorhead. Last years show was so loud that I couldn’t actually hear what song it they were performing but in a really good way and then I would suddenly identify a riff in amongst the speedthrash. Marvellous stuff. It’s never too loud I say!<br/><br/>Chazza – I replied in one up above! x

  17. Mrs Pouncer permalink

    Dear Mrs Mother, How the sands of time seemed to fall away as I saw your Peters and Lee illustration. My mother’s dear old charwoman once took her husband to our local barber and demanded a "Lennie Peters" for him. It was such a success that the barber then specialised in this cut and customers came from far and near to be coiffed. Cordially, Mrs Pouncer

  18. L??st Jimmy permalink

    Second attempt at getting the Grammar right…ahem…<br/>I am really looking forward to the Lemmy movie. The great man on the Big Screen, let’s hope for a general release so it reaches my local fleapit and save me the usual 600 mile round trip to savour an Indy film. I feel the "trailer" comes across a bit like those DVD extras where friends and acquaintances say a few humorous, nostalgic words of praise interlinked with footage (a bit like the ‘I love the 1980s’ type shows). Will it be full of syncophantic gush?<br/>I hope not because Lem is deserving of honesty. And talking of honesty you’re right the joke is pretty awful.

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