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Puppies Needed

June 23, 2008

Good god – no wonder she lost the race – sack the stylist! Can someone please get Senator Clinton a bra NOW? Well Hillary could get her own bra – a Wonderbra and enter their new competition – from D to G or something like that. Harumph – a little sizeist for those who sport a mere B cup thank you…Anyway – I am surprised LC hasn’t written about this yet seeing as he is the bloggers boob man at large but I digress. Wonderbra are running a competitiion – anyone can enter. I did say boobs not moobs just in case any of my male readers were thinking this was their only chance for a long-awaited 15 minutes of moobfame. Get yourself down to 1a Leicester Square on 28th June. Once you are in you will be probably herded like a sheep that no one likes into various places to fill in a form about yourself and wait and wait and wait. Finally, it will be your turn to take your top off and have your photo taken – the emphasis being on cleavage. Yes – Wonderbra want your cleavage! Some lucky person will end up on huge billboards – a homage to the original ‘hello boys’ campaign as fronted by Eva Herzigova. This time it could be you (or me) or you (or me) or you.


Kiss my cleavage Wonderbra!

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  1. L??st Jimmy permalink

    Mrs Clinton – Gosh!<br/>Is that real or photoshop brush up or boob-up!?<br/>Stick to the Pant suit.<br/><br/>RM – That’s a cool retro KiSS shirt. And shows the guys (I’m talking about the band image) when once they were cool.

  2. Reginald Parsons permalink

    It certainly could Mum.<br/>Kiss Kiss.<br/>I’ll be home late tonight.

  3. rockmother permalink

    Lost Jimmster – I have a feeling it may be real Jimmy – horrendous. Yes – it’s one of my favourite t-shirts – thank you.<br/><br/>Reggiedarling – oh dear – I knew I would regret putting up that picture. I’m out so cold chop in fridge!

  4. chazza permalink

    Bless! how old is she now? <br/><br/>Well the husband caused ‘Monica gate..'<br/><br/>The good ole puppies never fail to impress as they say.If in doubt get them x x.

  5. Istvanski permalink

    <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>Wot!</a> No comment from Howesy?

  6. rockmother permalink

    Ister – well we live in hope dear…

  7. rockmother permalink

    Chazza – she is probably feeling ancient after the last few months of campaigning like a be-leopard-printed madwoman Chazza! Her puppies look like one is desperately trying to escape – inexcusably lop-sided if you ask me!

  8. Howesy permalink

    Don’t worry, I’m here!<br/>I’ve only just been able to force my tongue back in to my mouth. ;o)<br/>But seriously folks, wtf is up with those Clinton bits and pieces?<br/>Is she wearing stockings too?<br/>What is she in the running for now, the White House, or a stint in the Priory?<br/>Also, when is someone going to run a campaign to erase the negativity surrounding Moobs? It needs to be done, so much suffering and pointing and giggling…

  9. Piley permalink

    was this cover before she pulled out of the running? Last ditch attempt to pull in a few votes? or is it post, and she’s looking for a career in a 50+ lap dance club?<br/><br/>the one on the right looks ok tho ;-)<br/><br/>P

  10. Istvanski permalink

    Which picture are you reffering to, Piley?

  11. Piley permalink

    the clinton one istvanski!

  12. Axe Victim permalink

    That’s a chop shop if ever I have seen one. Old HC wouldn’t be seen dead with her tits oot fer t’lads.

  13. rockmother permalink

    At least mine are all real!

  14. llewtrah permalink

    If that magazine cover is real, why didn’t the photographer tell her the boobs were all over the place?

  15. Howesy permalink

    They should rename the magazine:<br/>Bizarre Harpies.

  16. chazza permalink

    Agree. . lol.. x x

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