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I Am An Idiot

July 6, 2008

Rather scarily my hard drive is nearly full. This is mainly due to the fact I have nearly 6000 photo’s stored in my iPhoto. 6000!? I know – and most of them are of my son or his things (see above) or really unflattering ones he has taken of me whilst I’m driving the car or extreme close ups of my bottom as I am bending over in my bikini on holiday – horrendous . And I have a lot of music stored too. Big hefty files. So I bought an external pocket drive. Today I transferred all my photo’s across to it which means I can now delete the originals on the hard drive in order to free up space. Yes. That makes perfect sense. Even though I know and can see that all of the photo’s have transferred successfully to the external drive I can not bring myself to delete the originals clogging up the hard drive. I just can’t do it. I have a mortal fear of something going wrong and losing the photo’s forever. I am a true idiot. A dolt. A silly bird. So I’m going to take it into work on Monday and embarrass myself further by showing it all to an IT person and sit there while they look at me pretending not to show that they think I am a total moron whilst convincing me that it really is absolutely fine just to delete the files. All 8GB of them. But before I do – here are some I took today of the Squidget and a balloon that we drew a face onto and released.



She gazes adoringly…



Media_httpbp0bloggerc_vowje…I’m not sure


Off she goes…(excuse the pyjamas)


Well, it’s better than watching telly or pulling wings off flies or doing sensible things like deleting files you don’t need anymore because you have just made a perfectly good back-up copy.

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  1. Annie permalink

    Lovely photos. He has such a cheeky smile. <br/><br/>Do you have a Flickr account? It’s very good for storage (I’m relieved that most of my old non-digital photos are now on Flickr, now if my house ever burns down they won’t be lost.) <br/><br/>It’s also much easier now to upload big batches, and you can make them private if you don’t want the whole world to see them…

  2. rockmother permalink

    Hi Annie – yes I do have flickr – it sort of used to be my blog really. I hadn’t really thought about sticking them all up there – would take ions to do so though. I might need to adjust my settings as one of my flickr readers in US has favourited loads of pics of my son which although prob fine and harmless made me feel a bit worried yesterday when I checked my account…

  3. rockmother permalink

    Annie – PS: he is a single man – would I have been less worries if he was a woman – possibly…oh what to do?

  4. Annie permalink

    Yes, that would make me a bit anxious too – you could block him as a contact (so he wouldn’t see when you’d uploaded new photos) and make new photos available only to friends and family. Probably fine though, as you say.

  5. Axe Victim permalink

    Euwwwww! Delete delete delete flickr. You don’t want that type of weirdiness do you?

  6. rockmother permalink

    Mr Axe Victim Minster – hmmm…perhaps I should listen to my initial instinct which was one of shock and worry.

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    Get a couple of discs and download copies. store in a safe place as extra back up.

  8. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – thank you – that is extremely sensible advice but it’s the deletion thing I can’t handle. Maybe I’ve got a grown up version of separation anxiety or something? I might just have to get someone to do it for me. Maybe it’s an off-shoot of OCD-ness. Maybe I should just shut up??!! Aaghhh – I REALLY AM AN IDIOT.

  9. savannah permalink

    i have friends who have friends…know what i mean, sugar? 😉 xoxox<br/>(btw, your little man is too cute!)

  10. Jimmy Page's Trousers permalink

    Have a look at<br/><br/>You can have 50G of storage for nowt. Just the ticket for backups of precious photos. They even have a desktop backup app that you can use to make things easier. There are others too – just google ‘online storage’. Yes, it’ll take ages to upload them all, but they’ll be nice and safe – kick off a batch every night before bed for a few days. <br/><br/>As far as your deletion-anxiety goes, just get over it.<br/><br/>As payment for this technical and psychological advice, you should feel free to send me a link to the bikini-bottom close-up pics when they’re uploaded.

  11. Corporal Sensible (waiting for promotion, obviously) permalink

    Never have less than two copies of irreplaceable stuff. Burn the photos to a couple of DVDs AND get another USB drive. Mirror the two USB drives.<br/>Don’t use on-line storage if it’s "free". Free services have a habit of being taken down when they realise they aren’t profitable, they’re your photos and should never leave you to be looked after by someone else. Sadly I can’t think of anything witty to say, sorry.

  12. Istvanski permalink

    I agree with Annie re: cheeky smile but do be cautious of that ‘fave pics thing’. Do make them private if there is cause for concern.

  13. chazza permalink

    Is it woman thing? <br/><br/>I have complete nightmares of rewinding of thought on doing just that. When it comes to deleting originals to make space on the harddrive. <br/><br/>I know it is saved. I know it is safe fool proof in todays techno yet I still thing and drive myself mad…<br/><br/>ow w w…lol x x

  14. Howesy permalink

    So here’s the thing, I’ve searched your Flickr vault, and failed to find any pictures wotsoeva, (see, I’m down wiv de kids) of anyone in any form of bikini bottom.<br/>I demand a refund.

  15. rockmother permalink

    Savmarshmamma – I may be requiring their assistance Mama! xx<br/><br/>Jimmys Trooserster – I love your curt and very manful – oh just get over it! I am pressing the big button this weekend – have had no time this week as have been busy breaking into a sweat just thinking about deleting 6000 photo’s forever (not really only joking). Oh no – the bikini bottom big close up is def one that will deleted and not backed up!!<br/><br/>Corporal Sensible – very wise advice – thank you so much<br/><br/>Isterness – yes – thank you – I am going to block him which means his favourites that are my photo’s will be deleted from his file. There is something that doesn’t feel right instinctively. Always trust your instinct – it is often right I reckon.<br/><br/>Chazza – yes! we are all obviously mad but at least we are mad together!<br/><br/>Howeser – oh – aha – that is because that appalling photo my son took on holiday while I wasn’t looking hasn’t been uploaded to flickr and NEVER WILL!

  16. devolutionary permalink

    Call me old-fashioned, but have you considered printing them? <br/><br/>Since my laptop hard drive failed a few years ago, losing everything on it, I have no faith in the long-term security of these digital thingies. Paper. That should do it. Even if electricity stops, you can still look at them during the hours of daylight. (Just don’t keep them too close to the fire…)

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