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Buddy and Stacey – Shotgun

September 1, 2008

Here are Buddy and Stacey singing Shotgun – with a very young Jimi Hendrix back left moving and a grooving to the kicking track!

Recorded live on Night Train July 1965

And here is mad bad Sarah Palin – she likes a shotgun I heard – to shoot moose and make stew out of it? Perhaps she has some McCain Oven Fries on the side? Here she is with her friends dressed up as moose-seeking Vikings – please no – tell me she doesn’t have a chance in hell.


Now where did I put that shotgun?

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  1. Momentary Madness permalink

    With regards to ……… "GREEN INK ON …. ….<br/><br/>God how do I miss them. I check your blog quite a lot but you always mange or maybe I manage to miss the post.<br/>I said it before, you???re a natural born writer rock mum: write that fucking book; start now or I???ll clip your ear. You make Carrie sound dull or perhaps you???ve got more soul, yes maybe that???s it.<br/>Hope you enjoyed you day.<br/>———————–<br/>??????????????? if that (forgive the thought) gets in I???m killing my self. I might even collect names now for a collective suicide in the likelihood. <br/>???I read the news today O boy??? ??????. what a drag. I think I???ll become a heroin addict just to take my mind away from it all. I guess I did enough talking about what may happen and now that it actually has begun to unfold I???m freaked. <br/>I guess my spouting was rally a hope it don???t come, but come I knew it would.<br/>Fuck it Mum I???m off for a drink, if I don???t come back I???ll write.<br/>At least you???ll have another letter to read on the train and keep your mind off other possibilities;-) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Arabella permalink

    If you haven’t seen ‘The Daily Show’, try the You Tube link below: Samantha Bee doing her thing at the Dem Convention last week, when the news was out about the Rep. VP choice:<br/><br/>

  3. Geoff permalink

    Palin in a very Pythonesque setting.

  4. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – agh – I can’t take compliments – I just write how I think – but thank you – you are most kind with your encouragement. Postcards Form the Edge – one of my favourite books. Re: Pallid Palin – luckily her daughter’s soon-to-be ‘shotgun’wedding will put paid to Palin actually being taken seriously. Ever. <br/><br/>Would you like moose with that?<br/><br/>Don’t kill yourself – it’s boring. Hope you had a good drink. x<br/><br/>Arabellakins – am going to check it out now<br/><br/>Geoffster – absolutely!

  5. Planet Mondo permalink

    Now that’s a tune.<br/><br/><i>PS you at the Pistols tonight?</i>

  6. rockmother permalink

    Mr Mondo Bongolian – that is a well tune! I was offered a ticket for the Pistols tonight but couldn’t go – I would rather go back to The Roxy or the 100 Club in a time machine though if truth be told…is that bad? I was worried I would be dreadfully disappointed and in Lydon’s immortal words ‘feel like I’d been cheated’. Ah shit – perhaps I should have gone? Hope you had a good time. Do one of your brilliant reviews – I know you will.

  7. Momentary Madness permalink

    does anyone know what’s up with isvanski blog?

  8. rockmother permalink

    Momodarling – yes – he has committed a sort of online hari kiri. He has stopped blogging for the moment. I sort of blame myself as we were talking at the Iggy gig about how blogging was becoming quite hard of late. Next thing I know he has flipped his blog. I texted him and he confirmed that it was intentional and very cathartic. I will let him be and then start operation shock and awe in a bid to get him to return. It’s not the same without Ister. Lots of love x

  9. L??st Jimmy permalink

    I’ve neglected to call by your blog for a few weeks Mother – my apologies. Thanks for posting the youTube video, I hadn’t seen that footage before.

  10. rockmother permalink

    Lost Jimmy – don’t worry – I have been neglecting my blog for a while now hence no readers! I’ve been busy and had loads of family stuff going down – one (non-fatal)car crash, one death and an imminent separation. Tra la la. Glad you liked the clip and thank you for dropping by.

  11. violetforthemoment permalink

    Sarah Palin is quite alarmingly mental. The idea that someone who only got a passport last year could soon be one step away from Probably The Most Powerful Job On Earth is ludicrous. I hear she likes to shoot wolves from planes. She’s in a plane shooting the wolves with a gun, not firing them out of planes. Which you probably got. I’ll stop now.<br/><br/>How you been anyway??

  12. rockmother permalink

    Violet – Violet Violet Violet oh how I’ve missed you. I’ve been mournfully checking your blog only to see the same post for months and then worrying about you and hoping you are all right! Glad to see you are. Sarah Palin is a moosemunter, an old dodgy dodgepot that needs dodging at all cost. Do you know she called her children Trig (presumably after the trigger on a gun not Trigger the horse or trigonometry), Bristol (presumably because she has big baps or after Harveys Bristol Cream), Track (track and field evidently seeing as she is uber-mad marathon hockey mom), Piper (shit US name) and Willow (no doubt weeping with parents like that). She has the mad stare of an alien being and I am very worried that she appeals to more people than we think. I see Obama has gone quiet. What IS the world coming to?

  13. Robert Swipe permalink

    You mean the way Istavanski’s blog just comes up with a, like, completely blank screen, MoMa?<br/><br/>Might just be me, but I thought it was probably his most interesting post in quite some time…<br/><br/><br/>;?<br/><br/>xxx<br/>Bob

  14. rockmother permalink

    Bobalicious – you are so rude!

  15. Buy Viagra permalink

    I would like to get a viking helmet. I will try to get it for the next Halloween and a jar that fit with that helmet.

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