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For Piley – Sluts In Leotards

October 23, 2008

There was a small discussion on the last post about the merits of Legs and Co or Hot Gossip – well quite frankly I feel Hot Gossip win hands down! You can’t go wrong with a bit of strutting suggestively in a high-cut leotard. So because I know Piley really wants to see some Hot Gossip – here they are:

Believe it or not – Hot Gossip recorded an album in the early 80s titled Geisha Boys and Temple Girls produced by the former Human League and then current Heaven 17 member Martyn Ware. The album was an unmitigated commercial failure. The group was once spoofed on The Benny Hill Show as “Hot Gossamer”. A few real-life former Hot Gossip dancers went on to appear on the Benny Hill show in its last fading years as part of the Hill’s Angels dance troupe.

Oh the shame.

Which one was your favourite? Everyone always swooned over Peri Lister and Debbie Ash although my favourite was Carol Fletcher. You see – I know all the names!

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  1. momo permalink

    No no there’re all too bony. I imagine getting hurt in the passion play, should I be so lucky says you. However a little brown sugar might ease the pain, but then again if you had that why would you bother, as everyone knows it’s better than ……. O sorry there’s the door bell. Toodle-oo

  2. Planet Mondo permalink

    Ooh very cheeky – doesn’t Brown Sugar sound slow though, I used to buy Custom Car mag’ not for the cars, but the girls that always looked like this (I was only 13/14 at the time)- I dida bit about the Goss and with them doing <a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’>Blondie and Ultravox </a> tunes

  3. rockmother permalink

    Momo Madster – yes – you would probably have a few bony elbow-induced bruises here and there I am sure and the rest! <br/><br/>Mr Mondo Bongo – Oh I love that Blondie one – it’s set on the subway train isn’t it? Fab! I think Custon Car mag was a favourite amongst boys of that age wasn’t it? That and Dad’s copy of Forum!

  4. Geoff permalink

    I see they had the bubbles in homage to the Stones’ video of It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll But I Like It.<br/><br/>Or was it an homage to Ooh, you are awful, but I like you?

  5. Piley permalink

    thanks for the dedication RM!! This doesn’t look as bad as i expected it to be… I’d forgotten that there was a bloke in em too! When I was about 13 I used to think he was the luckiest guy on the planet!!<br/><br/>haha! Custom car mags or US bike mags if i remember rightly!! (erm, from what people used to tell me like…)

  6. Arabella permalink

    I didn’t like them because of the lack of jazz hands. More of a Lionel Blair person, meself.

  7. savannah permalink

    i’m still laughing over the "lack of jazz hands" comment! xoxox

  8. Roman Empress permalink

    Ha, brilliant. Hot Gossip were filth. They had that amazing New York bleached and/or severe fringed look too.They win.

  9. llewtrah permalink

    Oh grief, I remember Kenny Everett and all that stuff!<br/><br/>I was watching a crime reconstruction show and all I could think of was "hey, the 80s". It was interesting to see how the survivors looked 20+ years later, but I still loved the 80s look.

  10. Betty permalink

    I used to try to get crimped, Hot Gossip style hair, with disastrous consequences.<br/><br/>The Young Generation! The Dougie Squires Dancers! New Edition! You can’t beat a good 1970’s variety show dance troupe.

  11. rockmother permalink

    Geoffster – yes – it made me think of that old Stones vid<br/><br/>Pilester – you are welcome Piley. Chopper Lovers Gazette Weekly wasn’t it?! Every schoolboys fave.<br/><br/>Arabellakins – Lionel Blair and Anita thingy – you know the one – Harris. Those were the days.<br/><br/>Savmarshmamama – I know – me too x<br/><br/>Roman Empresslady – filth indeed – while boys were reading those bike mags I was busy pouting into the bathroom mirror and writhing around the sink in homage<br/><br/>Llewtrah – yes I still love the 80’s look too – tarty and beguiling all at once<br/><br/>Bettster – oh YES – The Dougie Squires Dancers who were normally accompanied by the Ronnie Hazlehurst orchestra. They were my telly friends. Yes – I was a lonely child!

  12. Anonymous permalink

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  13. dance permalink

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  14. Ballet permalink

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